"Seegrid will be due for a migration to confluence on the 1st of August. Any update on or after the 1st of August will NOT be migrated"


Attendees: SimonCox, StuartGirvan, RobAtkinson, PeterBarrs, StephenBandy, BrendonWard, GregoryJenkins, TerryHannant

Apologies: RobertWoodcock, MarkJolly


Follow-up on Actions

Action: PIRSA and GSWA to supply some additional test data
  • WA waiting on data returned from GA - LesleyWyborn has arranged and this should arrive early next week
  • PIRSA data supplied as ANSI SQL statements. RobAtkinson currently looking at this.

Action: RobertWoodcock to review resourcing for Stylesheet development and determine if duration of work can be reduced significantly.
  • Checked with a possible contract but they aren't able to assist. Looking at other alternatives to finalise this aspect - likely to be a wekend job by Rob or possible AndyDent

Action: SimonCox to produce new example encodings using inline objects instead of multiple feature-types with xlinks
  • Done - same schema, different pattern - see GeochemistryMeasurement#Normalised_pattern_but_encoded_i
  • SG intends to try both xlink and inline patterns with new Geoserver updates
    • however, GeochemProcedures are not available separately from GA datasources; because details change regularly these are recorded on per-measurement basis - SC pointed out that this is supported by schema - either use the "inline" option for the procedureUsed property, or link to a "unique" procedure

Action: RobAtkinson will update twiki with where/how to get geotools/geoserver from source. Also the configuration requirements.

Action: RA to send geoserver build to cgsrv3 as downloadable file and installed instance.
  • Done - but all surveys have now agreed to download from the Geoserver repository, so the tarball will not be updated further

Action: BW to begin installing against GSWA database.
  • Underway, BW will grab later revisions from Geoserver repos. Waiting on data from GA (see above) for testing.

Action: TH to begin installing against PIRSA database.
  • Underway - both Postgres and Oracle backends will eb used; Oracle (non-spatial) will require latest update from Geoserver repository - see above

Action: RobertWoodcock to arrange for subversion repository to be shutdown. Will use the geoserver and geotools repositories directly from now on.

Action: RobertWoodcock to get stylesheets to RobAtkinson by end of next week for inclusion.
  • Still pending

Issue: Expected date ready for additional survey trial?
  • All parties agree to have running WFS services available by next week ...

New Issues

Next Meeting: 21 Oct 2004 10am (WST)

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