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Attendees: SimonCox, StuartGirvan, RobAtkinson, PeterBarrs, StephenBandy, BrendonWard, GregoryJenkins, TerryHannant, AndyDent, RobertWoodcock, MarkJolly



Follow-up on Actions

Action: GSWA to supply some additional test data - waiting on GA return of data.
  • Should be here in a day or two.

  • SG intends to try both xlink and inline patterns with new Geoserver updates
    • DONE

New Issues

  • TerryHannant has geoserver running and is nearly producing the desired pattern. Needs further liasion with SimonCox to get it finalised.
  • WMC application customisation - started along with Stylesheets work
  • GA reports that their Plot It geochemistry package development team is considering connecting their client to the WFS's being developed under this project.
  • RobAtkinson has updated the twiki pages to include places for In progress work and future work along with placeholders/workarounds we are currently using. Everyone should take a look and update these as we go through the final phases of the project. Future work in particular will be fed back to the geoserver commnuity, OGC and GGIPAC for use in future projects.
  • GSWA data will be the same format as GAs thus the GA geoserver configuration will apply to GSWAs WFS as well.

By next meeting:
  • WFS's for all surveys will be active and producing desired XMML output
  • Finalise details of the storyboards.

Next Meeting: 28 Oct 2004 10am (WST)

-- RobertWoodcock - 21 Oct 2004
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