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Attendees: StuartGirvan, RobAtkinson, PeterBarrs, BrendonWard, GregoryJenkins, AndyDent, RobertWoodcock, MarkJolly

Apologies: TerryHannant, SimonCox, StephenBandy, AndyDent


Follow-up on Actions

Action: GSWA to supply some additional test data - waiting on GA return of data.
  • DONE

New Issues

  • Query on flexibility of document structure options that all validate against the same schema
    • XMML Schemas allow more flexibility in the document structure than is useful. This make targeting the schema more difficult and can result in them being incompatible between servers even though they all validate against the same schema.
    • The current suggested solution to this is to have profiles of possible document structures that are semantically equivalent.
    • Action: Further discussion needed on Story boards to clarify which features need to be instantiated between MarkJolly and StuartGirvan
    • Action: StuartGirvan to work up a powerpoint walkthrough of the demonstrator scenario.

  • GSWA have their data but ran into some internal hiccups on getting the database up. Geoserver installed but some assistance needed on configuration.

  • PIRSA have downloaded the relevant pieces of data from Oracle and placed in Postgis. Geoserver outputs bare minimum XML.
    • Looking to add more sophisticating mapping over next week but some confusion over what is valid/desired in terms of output. See the ealier item on schemas being to flexible and storyboard clarification.
    • Action: StuartGirvan to post the latest XML output target for PIRSA to look at.

  • We didn't quite make it with the targets for this meeting so will roll them as targets for the next meeting.

  • One of the primary objectives of this project is to disseminate the know how to all the surveys. The other surveys will be invited to join the teleconference (and set up their own WFS if they wish to) before this project completes. After some discussion it was decided that this invitation would be sent out once all the current WFS's are configured, this should be the meeting of the 11 Nov 2004.

By next meeting:
  • WFS's for all surveys will be active and producing desired XMML output
  • Finalise details of the storyboards.

Next Meeting: 4 Nov 2004 10am (WST)

-- RobertWoodcock - 28 Oct 2004
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