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Attendees: StuartGirvan, BrendonWard, GregoryJenkins, AndyDent, RobertWoodcock, MarkJolly, TerryHannant, StephenBandy, AndyDent

Apologies: SimonCox, RobAtkinson, PeterBarrs


New Issues and Current Status

  • GA - geoserver WFS is working and available externally for access
  • PIRSA - still configuring schema.xml and info.xml (geoserver). Organised to talk with StuartGirvan to sort out some issues over the next week
  • GSWA WFS outside firewall and accessible. XML output so far produced has been reviewed and require some minor tweaks. Will then fully populate the database
  • Stylesheets - can no use live GA data for testing purposes
  • Geoserver queries - Still need to finalise queries required to support scenarios. This also requires some workarounds to the existing WFS specification since it assumes the query type and feature type are the same which is not the case. This is being document on the twiki at ProjectScenarioImplementations
  • Units of Measure (UOM) - still come confusion of the use of UOM and normalised values. Ultimately resolved to use "value" plus "uom" rather than normalised values. Clients will simply have to deal with it. This did reveal a limitation in the geoserver configurability since there is no point in the processing chain to insert a unit conversion. This type of processing would be prefered in the future since clients then no longer need to be quite so sophisticated.

By next meeting:
  • WFS's for all surveys will be active and producing desired XMML output (assuming GA oracle problem can be sorted out)
  • Web Map Composer will be hooked up with the stylesheets and survey WFS.

AndyDent will convene the next meeting as RobertWoodcock will be in Melbourne.

Next Meeting: 25 Nov 2004 9:30 am (WST)

Follow up teleconference

There was a follow up teleconference on some technical issues with Geoserver that I will note here for future reference. Attendees: RobertWoodcock, RobAtkinson, StuartGirvan

  • Geographic query problem with ByPassSQL - RobAtkinson to check with PeterBarrs
  • SQL query for a set of ID's - there is no way to put into the SQL placeholders since it is dynamic. Possible options are to modify geoserver to support creation of IN list or AND (series of ORs).
  • The Scenarios required 4 basic query types - StuartGirvan will post the SQL and placeholder positions to twiki for RobAtkinson to comment on. SCO will look at how to support in geoserver.

-- RobertWoodcock - 18 Nov 2004
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