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Attendees: StuartGirvan, RobAtkinson, PeterBarrs, BrendonWard, GregoryJenkins, AndyDent, RobertWoodcock, MarkJolly, TerryHannant, StephenBandy, AndyDent

Apologies: SimonCox


New Issues and Current Status

  • Storyboards have been finalised (MCAProjectScenarios and attached powerpoint file) and candidate queries and associated features proposed (ProjectScenarioImplementations)
  • Geoscience Australia are having problems with Oracle spatial queries - the query syntax appears to be correct but Oracle is simply returning an error. The open source Postgis databases being used at PIRSA and GSWA have not exhibited this problem.
  • GSWA have not had time to work on their WFS this week. Status unchanged.
  • PIRSA reported a number of issues regarding getting Geoserver to support some of the additional information items possible with XMML but not used in the GA WFS. It was decided to move this technical discussion onto the twiki for resolution and MarkJolly will be adding the items to the GeoserverMapping page. (specific items mentioned in the discussion were "geoserver not being able to switch elements based on a value being below the detection threshold", "geoserver outputting nulled elements though GA appeared to have a different behaviour in this regard")
  • Some of the private schema to XMML schema issues cannot be addressed using Geoserver in its current form - it simply isn't yet sophisticated enough to do the full mapping to XMML. The Geotools/Geoserver community is aware of many of the issues now thanks to the contributions made by this project. These items are to be recorded and reported in the final report as requirement that any chosen WFS will need to address for future developments to be efficient.
  • For the purposes of the demonstrator all the survey WFS's will conform to the "more limited but geoserver capable" version of the XML schema produced by GA so far. The issue of conforming exactly to the XMML community schema under these circumstances was raised again and whilst here is an XMML proper way it was decided to be pragmatic and agree to some "community consenus hacks" due to the limitations in geoserver if it became necessary. Whether or not this is done will depend on a more detailed analysis of the issues being placed on the GeoserverMapping page. Non-conformance issues compared with the original desired schema will be noted on the twiki and included in the final post-project reports.

Moving forward
  • PIRSA WFS (GA style) is expected to be available by Friday this week
  • SCO will work over the weekend to get PIRSA WFS, the stylesheets and Web Map Composer all working together to support a scenario
  • GSWA WFS is already public and the Query support and final mapping tweaks are expected to be completed by Friday with assistance from StuartGirvan
  • The Oracle problem that has suddenly hampered GA's development will be dealt with after the end to end connection using the PIRSA and GSWA WFS's is demonstrated.
  • RobertWoodcock mentioned that the AusIndustry Report for Part B will be written shortly. The project team is requested to supply an approximate indication of their in-kind contribution to the project to assist in the reporting. The report will also serve as a trigger for the post-mortem analysis and reporting that will be performed at the SEE Grid workshop. The twiki will be refactored significantly during this time to collect all the important details and lessons from in amongst the discussion. Team members will need to assist in this process.

  • The other surveys have not been notified of the WFS technical aspects yet since the intent was to wait until the existing WFS's were completed before inviting other survey technical teams to do the same should they wish to.

By next meeting:
  • WFS's for all surveys will be active and producing desired XMML output (assuming GA oracle problem can be sorted out)
  • Web Map Composer will be hooked up with the stylesheets and survey WFS.

AndyDent will convene the next meeting as RobertWoodcock will be in Melbourne.

Next Meeting: 25 Nov 2004 9:30 am (WST)

-- RobertWoodcock - 18 Nov 2004
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