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Migrating from BlueNet MEST to GeoNetwork trunk


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These notes describe migrating an Eclipse development environment from BlueNet MEST to GeoNetwork trunk.

Migration to GeoNetwork trunk

Note: Best to use jre1.5.0_xx or jdk1.5.0_xx

Once again the process is like watching grass grow, so be patient.

  • Step 4 - We need to import the GeoNetwork project into your workspace:
    • Go to menu File/New/Java Project
    • In dialog box "New Java Project":
    • Type "GeoNetwork" in the "Project name";
    • Select "Create project from existing source" radio button and specify the path to %WORKSPACE%\GeoNetwork in the "Directory" field below;
    • Click "Next";
    • On the next screen in the "Source" tab type GeoNetwork/target in the "Default output folder";
    • In the "Libraries" tab ensure that JRE System Library is set to jre1.5.0_xx or jdk1.5.0_xx
    • Click "Finish";
    • The confirmation dialog box will appear with the message "The output folder has changed. Do you want to remove the old location 'GeoNetwork\bin' and its content?". Click "No".

Eclipse should now be rebuilding your workspace.

Create launcher

Create a launcher like described here:

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