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Project Overview GeoServer Development

Project Overview

This project will centre on the development of GeoServer to add full OGC Complex Feature support. GeoSciML Testbed 3 will be used as a pilot activity in verify Complex Feature support.

Problem Definition

GeoServer does not support complex features in WMS.

Key Objectives

The key objectives of this project are:
  • GeoServer can be used to process the GeoSciML Testbed 3 test suite

Project Scope

Key Features

The Project will deliver the following:


Tim Duffy's requirements:
  1. getting function to work within a received ogc filter 1.1 query (for the WFS queries to geoserver of geosciml testbed 3)
  2. re-getting wms to work with complex features i.e. geosciml style datasets (wms worked previously in geoserver but has never worked with the geosciml 'complex features' branch)
  3. re-getting geoserver to work with shapefile (why simple shapefile? this is required for 1G level 2 next summer when we want people all over globe to serve a small fragment of geosciml model that is likely to be usually expressed [by them] in a simple shapefile file - this will lead people all over globe [currently 69 geological surveys signed up for 1G] into fuller geosciml eventually.


  • Ability to call a database script rather than a stored procedure. -- DalePercival - 15 Feb 2008

Out of Scope Key Features

The Project will not deliver the following:

Related Projects/Areas

The following projects are related to this project:
Project/Area Impact
AuScope AuScope projects are substantial users of GeoServer
GeoSciML This project required for GeoSciML Testbed 3 to succeed.


The key stakeholders have been identified as:
Name Role
GeoServer Community key end-user group
RobertWoodcock Project Lead
RobAtkinson Software Architect
RyanFraser Software Engineer (Lead)
BenCaradocDavies Software Engineer

Project Plan


Risk Assessment

Major Assumptions

It is assumed that:

Major Constraints

The project is constrained by:

-- BenCaradocDavies - 15 Jan 2008

Is it possible for GeoServer development to provide a 'preferred' method of linking a WMS with a WFS via a unique ID? Or is this more of a WFS/WMS standards issue?

-- DalePercival - 16 Jan 2008
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