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Replicating GSV Dataset


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  • Restore PostgreSQL database from dump file GSV-gsmltb3.dump:
    • DROP any existing instance of gsmltb3 then run the following psql commands (connection settings may differ):
      • psql -c "CREATE DATABASE WITH ENCODING='UTF8' OWNER= TEMPLATE=template0;" -U postgres
      • pg_restore -i -h localhost -p 5432 -U postgres -d -v "C:\Temp\gsmltb3.dump"
  • Increase memory for the Tomcat, otherwise deegree will die running out of memory (yeah, it's a real heavy eater):
    • Update CATALINA_OPTS variable in a setenv.bat file in %TOMCAT%/bin/:
      • CATALINA_OPTS="-Xms64m -Xmx1024m -XX:PermSize=32m -XX:MaxPermSize=1024m"
      • export CATALINA_OPTS

Configuring deegree

Later on %TOMCAT%/webapps/deegree-wfs/ will be refered as %DEEGREE_HOME%.

  • Unzip GSV configuration files from archive into %DEEGREE_HOME%/WEB-INF/conf/ directory:
  • Note: if you already have any deegree instances configured then make sure you have merged %DEEGREE_HOME%/WEB-INF/conf/wfs/wfs_configuration.xml file properly preserving your wfs:FeatureType elements.
    • From supplied wfs_configuration.xml you have to copy the following elements only:
      • //wfs:FeatureTypeList[@xmlns:uc2a]
      • //wfs:FeatureTypeList[@xmlns:uc2cf]
      • //wfs:FeatureType[wfs:Name/text() eq "uc2a:MappedFeature"]
      • //wfs:FeatureType[wfs:Name/text() eq "uc2cf:MappedFeature"]
  • Update connection settings and database access credentials in the /xsd:schema/xsd:annotation/xsd:appinfo/ elements in the following schemas:
    • %DEEGREE_HOME%/WEB-INF/conf/wfs/featuretypes/UC2A-MappedFeature_GeolUnit.xsd
    • %DEEGREE_HOME%/WEB-INF/conf/wfs/featuretypes/UC2C-MappedFeature_Fault.xsd

Testing deegree configuration

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