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SEEGrid Information Services Roadmap Workshop

Held on 6 May 2004, North Ryde

Workshop Presentations are attached in the table at the bottom of the page



10am-4pm Coordination team meeting


9am-10am - Pre-workshop coffee 10am-5pm - Workshop 5pm-6pm - Drinks

This agenda is organised according to the Reference Model for Open Distributed Processing (RM-ODP) analysis viewpoints. RM-ODP offers an approach that supports coordination in the development of complex software systems implemented in a distributed context.

Two activities will occur through out each "viewpoint" session:
  1. A presentation on the viewpoint
  2. Discussion about the viewpoint including but not limited to:
    • Clarification of the viewpoint with particular emphasis on including this in the final roadmap document
    • Identification of barriers to achieving interoperability;

  • *Opening -
  • Enterprise viewpoint - focuses on the purpose, scope and policies for the system. It describes the business requirements and how to meet them.
    • What is the roadmap and why are we doing this?
      • Business drivers
      • Facilitate the development of Geoscience interoperability
      • Develop a Roadmap (getting started guide) and go throw the process by developing a reference implementation and demonstrator
    • Who is doing what?
      • context - ASDI, AEON/GEON/NERC Datagrid etc
      • participants and collaborators
      • ASIBA connection - esp. e-business models and components
    • Policies
      • Governance
        • Community standards and support technologies
        • Hosting of services and standards
  • Information viewpoint - focuses on the semantics of the information and the information processing performed. It describes the information managed by the system and the structure and content type of the supporting data.
    • Community schemas - XMML scope and future
  • Computational viewpoint - enables distribution through functional decomposition on the system into objects which interact at interfaces. It describes the functionality provided by the system and its functional decomposition
    • Commodification of access - data grids, WFS
    • What services need to be provided?
    • Who develops what, the SEE Grid community, SDI initiatives and/or individual organisations (software vendors, surveys, exploratoin companies, etc)?
  • Engineering viewpoint - focuses on the mechanisms and functions required to support distributed interactions between objects in the system. It describes the distribution of processing performed by the system to manage the information and provide the functionality.
    • Web and Grid Services
    • Hosting
  • Technology viewpoint - focuses on the choice of technology of the system. It describes the technologies chosen to provide the processing, functionality and presentation of information.
    • present the Roadmap (Getting started guide), reference implementation and demonstrator
    • pre-requisites technologies
    • Geoserver extensions
  • *Next steps


Morning: 9am-12pm Briefing to ASIBA/IDP team

Afternoon: Post-mortem, Part B implications

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