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SEEGrid Roadshow Set Up Requirements

Minimum requirements

Details of the requirements for the state surveys on day 2 of the Roadshow to enable and leave running a publicly accessible WFS.

System Requirements:

Geoserver deployment preparation

If you want to get started on installing Geoserver before day 2 of the roadshow here's how:

  1. Checkout geoserver from the Geoserver repository (under a branch)
  2. Follow install instructions at http://geoserver.sourceforge.net/documentation/1.2.0-rc2/
    • to use the embeddy jetty server use ant prepareEmbedded first (port number config is in documents/jetty.xml)
  3. using ant you can run the build with ant go and/or generate a WAR file to install the Geoserver directories
  4. Read the notes at GeometrylessJDBCDataStore if you wish to use non-spatial tables
  5. Read the notes on schemamapping - including the release notes for the geoserver build at https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/twiki/bin/view/Infosrvices/MCAProjectOutputs#Geoserver_configuration

  • Access from the TCP/IP port running Tomcat or Jetty to the outside world (or at least cgsrv3.arrc.csiro.au)


* if you can only serve out (be visible from the internet) on port 80 you will need root permission to run tomcat or Jetty on this port and have nothing else on the machine using this port.

Server Configurations

This section is here to help people configure machines including hardware purchase if necessary.

Actual Server Configurations

in order of roadshow visits

WA Server

Current Server

  • Name: mapservertst.mpr.wa.gov.au
  • IP:
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 2 600 , 256Mb RAM
  • OS: Windows 2000 Server 5.00.2195 (with sp3)
  • PostgreSQL: 8.0.0-beta4 (port:5423)
  • Geoserver 1.2
  • Tomcat 4.1.29
  • Java2SDK 1.4.1

Future Server

Blade server (dual CPU with 2Gb RAM, Windows 2003) will not be available for installation day, will install temporarily on Win2K machine.

SA Server

Current Server

  • Name: geodev.metadev.com.au
  • IP:
  • Processors: Dual Intel Xeon 3.2GHz , 2G RAM
  • OS: Linux (2.4.20-64GB-SMP),
  • PostgreSQL: 7.3.4
  • Geoserver 1.2
  • Embedded Jetty
  • Java2SDK 1.4.1_02

Tas Server

SunFire V240, Solaris 8, Oracle 10.1.0 (spatial enabled). We currently have Tomcat Installed and running on this server but it looks like we may need to upgrade it from 4.0.1 to 4.1.30. The J2dsk we are using is 1.4.0_01_b03 but we should also be able to upgrade it to 1.4.2_04 (or higher). This server is not exposed to the public, but we serve to the public from it using a front end server and Apache, Proxy and Reverse-Proxy settings. This currently works for our existing WFS and WMS.

Qld Server

ACT Server

Not applicable - no new server being established

NT Server

NSW Server

Vic Server

The backup server (running on pmdcrc-kf laptop)

  • Name: pmdcrc-kf.arrc.csiro.au
  • IP: It is only for the road show as a backup
  • Processor: P4M 3.0GHz, Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop
  • OS: Windows XP SP2
  • PostgreSQL: 8.0.0-beta4 (port:5423) password:May2005Demo
  • Geoserver 1.2
  • Tomcat 4.1.31 - admin/demo, port 8080
  • Java2SDK 1.4.2-08
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