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Strategic Investment in GeoNetwork


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ANZLIC's investment in GeoNetwork has the potential to be a world class showcase for the successful adoption and sponsorship of open source solutions, provided stakeholders address current development issues. By engaging key sponsors, tightening project management, applying resources appropriately and further engaging the GeoNetwork community ANZLIC will improve its long term return on investment.

ANZLIC’s backing of free, Open Source Software reduces commercial barriers to sharing data both internally and externally, and achieves ANZLIC’s goal of increased data access to facilitate effective decision making.

Open Source offers many advantages, including free licensing and engagement of an international pool of developers, but it does require appropriate investment and management to capitalise on Open Source’s offerings effectively.

Australia and New Zealand have many agencies interested in contributing to a Robust Spatial Data Infrastructure, some with suitable funding to address long term core infrastructure issues, others focused on localised customisation and infrastructure deployments. We have suitable funding, know-how and developers to build a great success story.


ANZLIC and its member organisations agreed that GeoNetwork addressed ANZLIC’s functional requirements assuming some minor issues were addressed. Eight months later, Bruce Bannerman vocalised community feeling:

"I'm concerned at how ANZLIC's adoption of the GeoNetwork open source application as our spatial metadata tool is being handled and also at a perceived lack of progress in getting a production version of this application out."

Bruce proceeded to engage key stakeholders in a constructive email discussion to funnel the extensive good will and capabilities of our community into making ANZLIC’s backing of GeoNetwork to be an exemplary success story.

The following pages were collated by Cameron Shorter, Geospatial Systems Architect at LISAsoft, and aim to summarise and collate ideas presented and build upon them to propose a path forward.






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