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How to Upgrade Existing GeoServer Installation on aus-test-worker2


The following instructions are based on my experience on upgrading GeoServer to the latest for gsnw-earthresource instance on aus-test-worker2.


1. Download the latest geoserver war.

The existing installation is in /usr/local/gsnsw with geoserver linking to the latest geoserver directory.

I created a new directory called (for example) "2014-08-12-geoserver-master" in /usr/local/gsnsw.

I then changed into the directory, and downloaded the latest geoserver war.

wget http://siss.csiro.au/geoserver/geoserver-master/2014-08-12/geoserver-2.8-SNAPSHOT-war.zip

unzip geoserver-2.6-SNAPSHOT-war.zip

unzip geoserver.war

2. Download the necessary plugins.

These are normally app-schema plugin, and sqlserver/Oracle plugin if you need them. They should be copied in WEB-INF/lib.

Change to WEB-INF/lib.

wget http://siss.csiro.au/geoserver/geoserver-master/2014-08-12/geoserver-2.6-SNAPSHOT-app-schema-plugin.zip

unzip geoserver-2.6-SNAPSHOT-app-schema-plugin.zip

wget http://siss.csiro.au/geoserver/geoserver-master/2014-08-12/geoserver-2.6-SNAPSHOT-sqlserver-plugin.zip

unzip geoserver-2.6-SNAPSHOT-sqlserver-plugin.zip

3. Copy the data and configuration files.

Clear your workspaces: /usr/local/gsnsw/<your new directory>/data/workspaces

Copy /usr/local/gsnsw/data into /usr/local/gsnsw/<your new directory>/data.

Copy /usr/local/gsnsw/<your new directory>/data/app-schema.properties into /usr/local/gsnsw/<your new directory>/<WEB-INF/classes.

4. Update the geoserver link to point to your new directory.

First make a back up of tomcat context for the service, e.g. in this case it's in /etc/tomcat6/Cataline/localhost/gsnsw-earth-resource.xml.

Delete the geoserver link in /usr/local/gsnsw (This will delete the above context file too).

Recreate the link pointing to your new directory.

ln -s 2014-08-12-geoserver-master geoserver

Check that they work:


Move/rename your back up context file into gsnsw-earth-resource.xml.

5. Restart tomcat

service tomcat6 restart
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