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Details of the TWiki Upgrade Jan 2005

Please note that the TWiki software that this site runs on was upgraded on the 3rd January 2005. This resulted in several major changes, which are detailed below. If you have problems, please don't hesitate to contact robert.cheung@csiro.au.

-- RobertCheung - 04 Jan 2005


Unfortunately the old "gnu" skin no longer works with this version of the twiki. The replacement skin is called "pattern". As a result the look and layout has change slightly. All the old functionality should still be there, just in different spots.

Note that I have set "SKIN = pattern" at TWikiPreferences page and prevented overrides, so the SKIN and SKINHANDLER variables set at your various personal pages are no longer in use. Please delete them at your leisure.


Note that you can find the "diffs" of the page from its previous version at the bottom of the page - Revisions: | r1.39 | > | r1.38 | > | r1.37 | Total page history | Backlinks

Logos and WebLeftBars

The new skin requires that the logos are no more than 80px high. (This is fixed in two style sheets which apply to the whole TWiki.)

Each web could have a customised "left bar" by just editting the WebLeftBar topic in each of the web. Currently this is restricted to the TWikiAdminGroup, but if you have suggestions please contact me.

WebNotify emails

I have had some reports of badly formed notification messages being sent out.

New Plugins

As the implications and problems of the upgrades are sorted out, we plan to add more "plugins" to extend the functionality of the twiki. Look forward to these changes here.
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