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Water Quality Data Publishing: Schema & Architecture Development

-- JonathanDoig - 24 Mar 2005

  • 32023.pdf: Describes dataset metadata used in DIPNR

-- TonyCaine - 30 May 2005

Charting configuraton to get JFreeChart to plot water quality data in line with expert users' requirements.

  • wq_ir_xml.zip: Initial output from geoserver produced for the initial wq ir views

O&M - based model for WQDP

Current status

There is now a relatively complete version of the cookbook for O&M application schema developers, distributed amongst several TWiki topics. These are the primary ones, though there are links to a lot of others:

-- SimonCox - 9 Jan 2006 (per JonathanDoig 19 Jan)


I've developed a UML model for WQDP, based on trawling through the WQDP schema spreadsheet and E-R model, and mapping the attributes
  1. where possible to standard properties in the OGC O&M model
  2. in WQDP-specific extensions

The new classes developed for WQDP are coloured green. All the other classes are re-used from O&M - see for example ObservationsAndMeasurements, SitesAndSpecimens. The Enterprise Architect .EAP model can be obtained from https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/xmml/trunk/model/xmml.EAP

For details on how the UML application schema maps to a GML/XML data serialization, see SchemaFormalization, GmlImplementation, HollowWorld.

-- SimonCox - 18 Jul 2005

  • A model for WQDP data derived from OGC O&M:
    A model for WQDP data derived from OGC O&M

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