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Work on (and behind) the WFS Server

Current status

A new build of geotools and geoserver to put the learnings of the SEEGrid community into the mainstream capabilities of geotools and geoserver is underway. An initial release of the the code is available:


see Docs for New Geoserver (branch)


How to set up Geoserver - "complex_SCO" branch as developed in the SEEGrid Roadmap - AusIndustry/MCA project

-- JonathanDoig - 14 Apr 2005

Responses have been received from WFS software suppliers regarding their support for our requirements :

(NB responses include descriptions of the requirements)

-- JonathanDoig - 20 Apr 2005

Documents used to obtain approval for installation of Geoserver WFS in DIPNR:

-- JonathanDoig - 28 Apr 2005

A specification describing table structure and details for the Oracle Stored Procedure to release results from the DIPNR enterprise data base to Internet applications such as the Web Feature Server software is attached.

-- GrantRobinson - 12 May 2005

One deliverable of WQDP is to have the option produce maps showing WQ results categorised as GOOD / FAIR / POOR for a dataset.

This categorisation depends on the individual data set, and the end use of the water analysed. For the Key Sites dataset ANZNS0359100023 the categorisation is as follows:

First calculate the median of observations occurring in a 12 month period. If more than 50% of observations are missing (e.g. there are 6 or less results when monthly samples should have occurred) we do not have enough data to report, we must report the result as missing. If there are enough results, calculate the median. Compare the median to the categorisations for the analyte (e.g. Electrical conductivity)...

Electrical conductivity (Units are microsiemens per centimetre ÁS/cm - sometimes this does not appear correctly it should appear as greek lower case mu followed by S/cm)
  • 0-<280 = good
  • 280-800 fair
  • > 800 poor
These categories are based on water being abstracted for irrigation.

Note that we rarely measure salinity, but rather we normally measure electrical conductivity. There are various desktop methods of converting EC to salinity, but these all have various sources of error. Hence we are reporting on EC.

Turbidity (units are nephelometric turbidity units or NTU)
  • 0-<5 = good
  • 5 - 50 = fair
  • >50 = poor
These categories are based on: <5 NTU is the guideline for drinking water, <50 NTU is the guideline for protection of aquatic plants and animals.

Total phosphorus (units are milligrams per litre or mg/L)
  • 0-<0.02 = good
  • 0.02 - 0.05 = fair
  • >0.05 = poor
These categories are based on levels at which excessive algal growth is known to occur, set out by Bek & Robinson (1991).

Conventionally DWR/DLWC/DSNR/DIPNR has used colours for reporting water quality as follows: red=poor, yellow=fair, green=good

-- GrantRobinson - 20 June 2005

  • 32013.doc: Description of sample attributes in DIPNR WQ data system

-- GrantRobinson - 06 Jul 2005


  • the SAMPLE_ATTRIBUTES table is shown in WQIRRESULTS_structure_2005_07_06.gif as an extensible table of NAME,VALUE pairs. This is how it should be implemented, and thus how we think it should be shown in the schema. In Triton (and the export table), the sample attribute names are hard-coded as Oracle column names.
  • the different styles of relationship lines (normal undirected line vs bold arrow) in the structure diagrams are not significant.

-- JonathanDoig - 06 Jul 2005

  • Further investigation has shown that we should drop two fields.
  • To ensure that we extract the minimum number of fields to the WFS, we have identified three Oracle views in the attached spreadsheet...

  • developing_views_2005_08_12.doc: Notes on developing views to DIPNR WQDP Internet Released data. Contains important comments on how we identify anaytes to the WFS

-- GrantRobinson - 12 Aug 2005

-- GrantRobinson - 29 Aug 2005

-- GrantRobinson - 14 Jun 2006

-- Anonymous post - date unknown

-- GrantRobinson - 23 Oct 2006 (posted a bit late!)

-- GrantRobinson - 02 Nov 2006
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