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VHIRL Objects and Their Properties

The mapping procedure is first to conceive of an entire Job as a proms:Report class object which is a subclass of a prov:Activity class object. Data and code inputs and outputs mapped to prov:Entities and prov:Plans (prov:Plan being a subclass of prov:Entity especially for code). This is called the "External" view as it treats the Job as a black box. This is a relatively simple modelling task but requires that Job input and outputs be managed in a PROV-compatible way. It also allows easy storage of Job runs in a provenance store as each Job is represented by a single proms:Report object.

Second, we describe the internal steps of the VHIRL Job as prov:Activities and model the handover data between them as prov:Entity class object. This is called the "Internal" view as we now have knowledge of the internals of the Job. This view creation requires more modelling than the "External" view but is more powerful. The External view can be obtained from the Internal view by a reductive SPARQL query (discarding the Internal-specific components). Internal views can also be stored in a provenance store.

VEGL Job → Activity

  • ID (int)
  • Description (string)
  • Name (string)
  • User name (string)
  • Email Address of user (string)
  • Status (string)
  • Registered Url (string)
  • Series (id int)
  • Downloads (Vgl download list) → :used Vgl download (Entity)
  • Submission Date (date & time) → :startedAtTime
  • Process date (date & time) → :endedAtTime
  • Compute Instance ID (string)
  • Compute Instance Key (string)
  • Compute Instance Type (string)
  • Compute Service ID (string)
  • Compute VM ID (string)
  • Storage Service ID (string)
  • Storage Base Key (string)

A job can be accessed via a url of the form: http://portal.vhirl.net/portal/getJobObject.do?jobId=[job ID]

This returns some JSON with the above attributes. This means we don't have to map them all, we can just use the URL.

Vgl Download → Entity

  • ID (int)
  • Name (string)
  • Description (string)
  • Data download url (string)
  • Local data path (string)
  • North bound latitude (double)
  • South bound latitude (double)
  • East bound longitude (double)
  • West bound longitude (double)
  • parent (VEGLJob)

There are also files that are uploaded to VHIRL via file upload which have no more info than the user who uploaded them and the file name. → Entity

Files may also be uploaded via URL in which case they have a remote URL and a local path, and may have a name and description. → Entity

Files are also produced by VHIRL jobs, which have a file name.

Portal User → Agent

  • Username (string)
  • Password (string)
  • Enabled (bool)
  • Account not expired (bool)
  • Credentials not expired (bool)
  • Account not locked (bool)
  • Authorities (collection)
  • Full name (string)
  • Email address (string)

Starting Point PROV-O Classes & Properties [W3C]

  • Entity
    • Plan (subclass of Entity)
  • Activity
    • Report (PROMS subclass of prov:Activity)
  • Agent
    • Person
    • Software Agent

  • prov:wasGeneratedBy
  • prov:wasDerivedFrom
  • prov:wasAttributedTo
  • prov:startedAtTime
  • prov:used
  • prov:wasInformedBy
  • prov:endedAtTime
  • prov:wasAssociatedWith
  • prov:actedOnBehalfOf


Below are two generic figures of a VHIRL Job modeled as an External and Internal view using PROV (and one PROMS) classes.

Internal View


External View


- Showing the relationship between the workflow in VHIRL and PROV, an initial concept by Nick Car.


The VHIRL processes and the points where PROV-O elements are created or noticed.

-- CatherineWise - 17 Sep 2014
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