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The primary ontology for Provenance is the W3C 's recommendation, PROV-O. PROV-O has three main classes, Entity, Activity, and Agent. For example, we can say Jill (Agent) ran her Magic Analysis (Activity) on Jo's new data (Entity). This ontology has a number of extensions:
  • PAV, which adds authoring and versioning
  • OPMW P-Plan which adds steps, plans and variables

The only other notable ontology is the BBC Provenance ontology. This ontology is primarily focused on the provenance of media such as video and photography, which is not as suited for a scientific workflow as the more generic PROV-O.

Libraries & Frameworks

There are a number of libraries, frameworks and tools for working with PROV-O, and the W3C maintains a list of implementations. Some of note are discussed below.


A Java library for converting between the various PROV formats, such as RDF and JSON.

WebLab Prov [Paper]

The WebLab virtual laboratory includes a Provenance module, producing RDF-PROV, which appears to be tightly integrated with WebLab.

Callimachus Provenance

Callimachus is a linked data application builder, and includes support for RDF and turtle PROV records.


Currently in private beta. It is not clear what the current capabilities of PubFlow are, although it suggests it can integrate with "workflow technologie like JBoss JBPM".


A Python PROV library supporting PROV-JSON.


A site that turns Prov-O records into snakey diagrams.

Provenance Stores That Exist in Papers

I can't find any evidence of these existing outside of academic papers (i.e. repositories, project websites, wikis etc). If you can, please link!

Provenance Stores That Exist and Can Be Accessed

  • ProvStore Hosted solution, but does not have a License or Privacy statement, although it does appear to have a nice REST API.
  • PROVman (Java) Somewhere between a Store and a Library. Would require writing a REST API on top of it. Does not have a license. Hosted on SoureForge, but only the JAR, no source. JAR also doesn't contain a LICENSE file or similar.


Name & Link Features
Publicly Available Suitable License/Usage Agreement Host Type REST API PROV Formats Client Server
RDFProv ? ? ? ? ? ?
prOOst ? ? ? ? ? ?
ProvEn ? ? ? ? ? ?
ProvStore None found Hosted PROVN, JSON, TURTLE, XML
PROVman None found Self-Host No, requires building API DB, XML, PROVN, OWL2, Graphviz DOT, PNG, PDF, JPG, GIF
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