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ProvServices Web Preferences Appearance * Set BROADCASTMESSAGE = "Seegrid will be due for a migration to confluence on the 1st of August. Any update on or after ...
Provenance Services * FY2015 Provenance Service Implementation (ANDS funded effort) ProvServ v0.1 * FY2015 NeCTAR Provenance Service Plan * ... Background ...
Additions to VL framework to include Provenance Fig 1: Modifications to the Virtual Laboratory infrastructure (example shown is for VHIRL) Fig 2: Provenance service ...
Milestone Number Date.Due Date Name Description Stakeholder JANUARY 001 15/1/15 Contract Execution Contract fully signed (Billing ...
ANDS Provenance No. Milestone Title Deliverables/Completed Activity Sub activity Goals Responsibility Comments Phase 1: Goal ...
VHIRL Objects and Their Properties The mapping procedure is first to conceive of an entire Job as a proms:Report class object which is a subclass of a prov:Activity ...
Ontologies The primary ontology for Provenance is the W3C 's recommendation, PROV O. PROV O has three main classes, Entity, Activity, and Agent. For example, we can ...
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