PID Service prototype solution



Prototype solution of a PID Service configured for the Bureau of Meteorology to enable resolution of persistent identifiers. Pilot solution is based on Apache mod_rewrite module and is configured manually via editing Apache web server configuration files. Prototype solution is important to test and probe use cases and various scenarios to develop a comprehensive list of requirements for more robust solution.


PID Service prototype relies on the use of Apache mod_rewrite module to specify mapping rules from a persistent identifier to underlying resource based on HTTP URI pattern and requested content type (via HTTP Accept header). Configuration is done using a set of regular expression based rules hard-coded in Apache configuration files to satisfy HTTP URI requirements/patterns outlines in examplePID.docx.

BoM PID Apache configuration

HTTP-URI Apache rewrite rules can be downloaded from BoM_PID_Apache_Configuration.txt.

Setting up rewrite rules

  • Enable mod_rewrite in Apache:
    a2enmod rewrite
  • Edit Apache configuration file:
    vim /etc/apache2/sites-available/default
  • Add the content from BoM_PID_Apache_Configuration.txt to the end of VirtualHost section and save the configuration file.
  • Restart Apache:
    service apache2 restart


Testing can be done by requesting one of persistent identifiers using a web browser or HTTP debugging tools like Fiddler2.

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