Persistent Identifiers (PID) Service



Service to provide identifiers that resolve feature links with versions and resolutions. It is important to be able to trace versions, resolutions of Geofabric features.


  • Participation in Bureau Workshop on Identifier Management (organised by the STAS group)
  • Obtain specification of identifier constructs from the Bureau
  • SISS Team to evaluate prototype developed by SWIM Project and other existing tools/mechanisms
  • Development of release candidate and make available to the Geofabric (D3.1)
  • Bug fixes and documentation, release package; deploy into Bureau (D3.2)

D3.1 Q1FY13 – Persistent Identifier Service for the Geofabric - “Working Prototype (4)” available for deployment.

D3.2 Q2FY13 - Persistent Identifier Service for the Geofabric - “Operational (6)” PID available for Bureau to deploy into Operational Environment


Mechanism to automatically resolve identifiers within the Geofabric to associated products

Technology overview

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