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Building Elda on Jenkins


Instance of Jenkins : https://cgsrv8.arrc.csiro.au/jenkins/

Build Procedure

Their a two parts building Elda on Jenkins:
  1. Building the product - Elda
  2. Configuring Elda

Building the Product

Build set up:

Java - undelying platform

Mercurial - source management

Maven - build management

The Elda codebase is available at :
hg clone https://elda.googlecode.com/hg/ elda  

The build on Jenkins is currently pointing at revision 1.2.5 (HG Tag -93c0c4cab0636b085e8198cf5979aa72897dba64 )

A successful build of Elda triggers the next step which is an Elda configuration

Configuring Elda

The Elda configuration uses the output of the build as described above.

Configuring Elda entails the following steps:
  1. Checking for any changes on an Elda config -
    1. The International Stratigraphic Chart svn location- https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/SeegridVoc/sissvoc3/trunk/config/InternationalStratigraphicChart2009-ELDAConfig.ttl
  2. Obtaining the build from build master
  3. Changing the default loaded configuration
  4. Copying the viewer, landing page and templates
  5. Repackaging the war
  6. Hot deploying to server
The above configurations can be viewed on Jenkins.


Click on "Configure" on the left hand menu

Test Environment

File Based hot deploy on aus-worker2 - http://aus-test-worker2.arrc.csiro.au:8080/elda-demo/ - Internal access
Endpoint is exposed by services-test - http://auscope-services-test.arrc.csiro.au/elda-demo/ - External access
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