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Caching Map Layers


This page describes how to configure GeoWebCache (GWC) to cache geoserver web map layers to significantly reduce the access time of map tiles. These instructions assume you have deployed SISS geoserver as per GeoServerDeployment and that your layers will be consumed by the AuScope (or similar) portal. Other map layers/portal combinations will work but there are a few fundamental parameters which must be correctly aligned to ensure successful cache hits.


Enabling GWC

  1. Login to your geoserver administration interface (normally : http://servername:port/geoserver)
  2. Click the "Caching Defaults" link in the "Tile Caching" section of the menu
  3. Tick "Enable direct integration with GeoServer WMS"
  4. Click Submit
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Setting GWC's disk quota

  1. Click the "Disk Quota" link in the "Tile Caching" section of the menu
  2. Tick "Enable disk quota"
  3. Set the "Maximum tile cache size" depending on the number layers you wish to cache. A good sized cache will be at least 500 MiB per layer.
  4. Click Submit
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Caching Layers

  1. Click the "Layers" link in the "Data" section of the menu
  2. Under the "Layer Name" heading in the table displayed, click the name of the layer you wish to cache
  3. Click the "Tile Caching" tab
  4. Tick "Create a cached layer for this layer" and "Enable tile caching for this layer"
  5. Set "Expire server cache after n seconds" to 604800 (one week)
  6. In the "Add filter" text box type "SLD_BODY", select "Regular Expression" from the drop down list and press the plus button (A new SLD_BODY parameter filter will appear)
  7. In the "Regular Expression" text box enter [\s\S]*
  8. Click Save
  9. Repeat steps 1 to 7 for each layer you wish to cache
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