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Project Overview - Geonetwork

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Executive Summary

The SISS registry service provides the integration between the constituted parts of SISS, providing links to related material and services. It provides a service register capability and a catalog for data products utilising open standards

The registry provides the links between the spatial data services, vocabulary services, and other available data. Geonetwork is the chosen implementation of a community registry for SISS. The registry provides the community agreed content, records for harvested services, and a central point of truth for services.

Project Overview

Problem Definition

The Registry will be used as a catalog for SISS services and associated data products. Within the given use cases, the registry will:
  • primarily be used to drive the available data in the portals and will be built on open standards (CS/W) to enable other clients and services to consume it.
  • The registry must be harvestable for linking with other registries (such as ANDS Research Data Australia)
  • Provide data product catalog capability
  • Provide service catalog capability

Key Objectives

The key objectives of this project are:
  • Support a registry implementation that can provide a catalog for services and data products using open standards (OGC, ISO, ANZLIC etc)
  • Deploy a registry which respective communities can use
  • Ensure the governance surrounding the registry and its use is established
  • Incorporate the registry as the glue between services in the respective clients

Project Scope

The PROJECT must include:
  • Using an ongoing community codebase
    • a client guide on consuming the records
    • deployment guide for others wishing to deploy the technology
  • Sustainable Registry

Key Features

The Project will deliver the following:

  • Open read access to the registry, with write access granted to selected community members
  • Registry Content
    • Harvested service records
    • Static records

  • AAF integration with supported write access

Out of Scope Key Features

The Project will not deliver the following:

Investments into Geonetwork will be to enable our registry requirements, not to further develop the base code. All efforts should be championed back into the community for ongoing maintainability.

Related Projects/Areas

The following projects are related to this project:
Project/Area Impact


The key stakeholders have been identified as:
Name Role
AuScope Community key end-user group
Australian Spatial Communities  

Major Assumptions

It is assumed that:

Major Constraints

The project is constrained by:
  • Completion date is fixed - 30 June 2011
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