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PID Service Resources



This page provides an index to PID Service related resources, such as PowerPoint presentations, papers/publications, code examples, live installations, etc. Our goal is to raise awareness of the technology as well as provide a common ground for sharing ideas, challenges, and solution to various scenarios.

Developers, contributors to the sources base, users and deployers are encouraged to contribute to this page and provide feedback on the materials collected here. Access to live read-only installations that demonstrate the use of the PID Service are extremely appreciated.



Code examples

PID Service configuration automated backups

The following demonstrates the automation of the backups of the environment.data.gov.au PID Service. It sends the relevant info (PID Service config & Apache config) to a Git repository: https://github.com/nicholascar/env.data. It only pushes changes, only if there are any, daily. The backup code (a single Python file called by cron and some config files) is at https://github.com/nicholascar/pidsvcbkp in case anyone’s interested.

This means the server can easily be rebuilt, so I think we are now at a higher level of operational stability!

Live installations

Please note that the following are the live installations of the PID Service and are only available in read-only mode.

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