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Sesame Repository Migration


The following tasks require admin rights on the machines your Sesame Server instances are running on.

Copying/Moving a repository from testing to production

Once a vocabulary has been successfully tested on the service-test machine (in our case auscope-services-test.arrc.csiro.au) it should be copied to the production machine (auscope-services.arrc.csiro.au). To do so, you need some scp client, such as WinSCP.

  • Log on to the service-test machine with WinSCP
  • Copy the tested repository from the test machine to your local machine. On the service-machine OpenRDF-Sesame repositories are usually located in:

  • In your web browser, log on to the services management servlet in order to shut down "openrdf-sesame" AND "workbench" services.
  • In WinSCP, log on to the production machine and paste the new repository into your home directory
  • Start Putty directly from WinSCP and log on to the production machine. Then go to the openrdf-sesame repositories folder:
     cd /var/lib/tomcat6/data/openrdf-sesame/repositories/
  • Using the sudo command, copy the migrated repository from your home directory to the openrdf-sesame production repositories directory using the following command:
      sudo  cp -r /home/<loginName>/<repositoryName> . 
  • Restart "openrdf-sesame" AND "workbench" services on the services management servlet .
  • Test that the services are working fine.

Whipping a repository

First think before removing a repository: make sure the service is stopped.

Fully removing a repository (called here repository_to_remove) and its content requires you log with putty on the repository server and run a sudo command:
 sudo rm -r var/lib/tomcat6/data/openrdf-sesame/repositories/[repository_to_remove] 

Finally, don't forget to restart the service and test it.
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