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Upgrading to SISS Suite v2.x?

We recommend against an in-place upgrade. To get the latest version, please back up your data, uninstall, manually remove your data directory, then reinstall the new version.

Also back up and remove the opengeo directory. These directories are located here:
  • Data directory: %USERPROFILE%\.siss\ (Example: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\.siss\ )
  • Opengeo directory: %USERPROFILE%\.opengeo\ (Example: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\.opengeo\ )
Please delete these directories before installing SISS Suite v2.x


The SISS Suite has the following system requirements:
  • Operating System: Windows XP
  • Memory:512 MB minimum (1GB recommended)
  • Disk Space:600MB minimum (plus extra space for any loaded data)
  • Browser: Preferred: Firefox 3+
  • Permissions: Administrative rights


Figure 1: Welcome Screen


  • Select the Destination folder where you would like to install the SISS Suite, and click Next.


Figure 2: Destination folder for the installation

  • Select the name and location of the Start Menu folder to be created, and click Next.


Figure 3: Start Menu folder to be created

  • Select the components you wish to install, and click Next.


Figure 4: Component selection

Note: All components will be installed by default except for optional ArcSDE and Oracle Spatial extensions.

If enabling these extensions, certain additional files will need to be manually copied to the installation directory. For the ArcSDE extension, the files jsde*.jar and jpe*.jar are required.For Oracle, the file ojdbc*.jar is required. These file(s) must be copied to the following path <installation_folder>\webapps\geoserver\WEB-INF\lib .

  • Click Install to perform the installation.


Figure 5: Ready to install

  • Please wait while the installation proceeds.


Figure 6: Installation

  • After Installation, click Finish to launch the SISS Suite Dashboard, from which you cam start the SISS Suite. If you would like to start the SISS Suite Dashboard at a later time, uncheck the box and then click Finish


Figure 7: Installation finished


Note: Please make sure that the Dashboard is closed and the SISS Suite is offline before starting the uninstallation.


Figure 7: Uninstall SISS Suite

  • Navigate to Start Menu -- Programs -- SISS Suite Uninstall
  • Click Uninstall to start the uninstallation process.
Note: Uninstalling will not delete your settings and data. Should you wish to delete this, you will need to do this manually. The uninstallation process will display the location of your settings directory, typically <user_home_directory>\.opengeo.
  • When done, click Close.
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