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Spatial Information Services Stack Releases/Roadmap

The spatial information services stack is available in 5 forms:
  • SISS docker
  • SISS Windows Installer
  • SISS-in-a-Box
  • Manual Install Procedure (individual components)
  • SISS Tool
The "SISS docker" is a cross-platforms installation. Docker allows you test, assemble and deploy application and productly as fast as possible. Docker consists of the docker engine and docker hub. Take note that SISS docker started at SISS v3.1 and on trial.

The "SISS Windows Installer" is a Windows only installation. It is recommended for those that simply just want to get started with SISS and have a relatively simple use case. It is intended for educational purposes and small non-production deployments. Take note that there isn't SISS Windows Installer for SISS v2.2 and v2.3.

The "SISS-in-a-Box" is an all included environment distributed in a Virtual Machine (requires VMPlayer or equivalent). This version includes all SISS components pre-installed with examples.

The "Manual Install Procedure" is typically required for any production deployment due to the inherent nature of the differing deployment environments and specialised configuration.

The "SISS Tool" is both a self-contained tool and a puppet module for installing SISS components and their dependencies on debian-derived operating systems with minimal effort. Its target user is system admin and its intent is for use with newly provisioned server or virtual machine. In addition to ease of installation and basic configuration of SISS components, it also aims to provide an easy, managed and seamless path to SISS components' upgrade provided those components are previously installed using SISS Tool. As of SISS v3.0, the tool has been fully tested on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin).

Releases/Roadmap in descending order (latest first!)


Current Release

SISS v3.1

Date Released : 31 March 2015

SISS v3.1 Release Notes MD5Sums
a69afb5c80e75c0126371148ed45b8d9 siss3.1-docker.tar 
de1a33fe85968a3ebc74932342201ca4 SISS_v3.1.zip

Future Release(s)

SISS v3.x

Date Released : NA

Past Releases

SISS v3.0

Date Released : 13 March 2014

SISS v3.0 Release Notes

SISS v2.3

Date Released : 2nd May 2013

SISS v2.3 Release Notes

SISS v2.2

Date Released : 30 Aug 2012

SISS v2.2 Release Notes

SISS v2.1

Date Released : 28th October 2011

SISS v2.1 Release Notes MD5Sums

b82addebdfad02a547cde763d968a753 ./v2.1/siss-installer/SISSsuite.v2.1.exe
30c411306c9aaae7ff74e396a5960ffa ./v2.1/siss-vm/sissdemo-v2.1.zip

SISS v2.0

Date Released : 30th June 2011

feb3d8a68ccc271051a7c24653c97f75  ./v2.0/siss-installer/SISSsuite.v2.0.exe
1471c0d2f38e4447a36e8ee5963a30ad  ./v2.0/siss-vm/sissdemo-v2.0.tgz

SISS v1.0

Released 18th March 2011

ba69199f2fc857e8e7c9df6e5ac96179  ./v1.0/siss-installer/SISSsuite.exe
f0ce593ef220d0ed69b60f4fd56fada5  ./v1.0/siss-vm/sissdemo-v1.0-rc2.tgz


Note: Beta Release was only available as a Manual Install Procedure -- RyanFraser - 25 Feb 2011
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