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SISS v3.1 Release

The Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS) is an architecture and suite of tools for spatial data interoperability. It builds on open source technologies and allows geospatial data sharing among multiple Australian Government agencies and research organisations. This release is intended to supply stable and updated package which could be easily setup.

SISS Release Package

Component Implementation Install Documents Software Repository Location
Registry Services GeoNetwork Install Geonetwork GeoNetwork v2.10.4 http://siss.csiro.au/siss/releases/3.1/geonetwork-install-2.10.4-0.jar
Web (Feature/ Map) Services GeoServer Install GeoServer Geoserver 2.6.2





Vocabulary Service Vocabulary Service Install SISSVoc SISSVoc v3.5 http://siss.csiro.au/siss/releases/3.1/sissvoc.war
Coverage Services Coverage Development Install THREDDS Thredds v4.3.23 http://siss.csiro.au/siss/releases/3.1/thredds.war
Persistent Identify Service PID Service Install PID Service PID Service v1.1.137 http://siss.csiro.au/siss/releases/3.1/pidsvc.war

SISS Docker

Docker is automates the deployment of applications inside software containers, by providing an additional layer of abstraction and automation of operating-system-level virtualization on Linux.By using docker containers, resources can be isolated, services restricted, and processes provisioned to have a private view of the operating system with their own process ID space, file system structure, and network interfaces. Multiple containers can share the same kernel, but each container can be constrained to only use a defined amount of resources such as CPU, memory and I/O. Docker made the deployment process for application much quicker,easier and reusable. please read the SISS-Docker part for detalis.

SISS in a box

For a quick setup to play with, we provide SISS in a box (virtual machine) which can be launched using VMware Player. ubuntu14.04 LTS, tomcat7, Jdk7 has been installed. The SISS components have been pre-configured and tested using VMware Player 7.0.0. Once the virtual machine has finished loading up, its IP address will be displayed. To access the virtual machine, enter the following URL "http://<IP address>/index.html" into a web browser and this will bring you to SISS in a box home page which will provide all necessary login details and further information about SISS' virtual machine.

The SISS in a box (virtual machine) has the following SISS components pre-installed:
SISS Component Version Additional Notes
GeoNetwork 2.10.4 Modified config-gui.xml to use public web map service instead of the default local one.
GeoServer & App Schema 2.6.2 Taken from geoserver.org. Downloaded with the following data store plugins: Application Schema, Webservice, Oracle, and SQL Server.
SISSVoc 3.5 Taken from https://github.com/CSIRO-enviro-informatics/sissvoc-package/tree/docker. It need docker.v1.5.
Thredds 4.3.23 Taken from unidata website.
PID Service 1.1.137 Implemented a new concept of condition sets - pre-packed sets of rules without a pattern/URI associated with it.

SISS Package Release Notes (Package Highlights)




Overview of fixs in this version
  • #372 Metadata update by XML / record title and abstract not displayed in search results when having a default namespace
  • #387 Postgres database loading hangs webapp when trying to drop services and serviceparameters table
  • #403 Pagination buttons are not displayed on the top of the search results in the widgets UI (htmlui)
  • #413 Tab search widget UI doesnít show correct groups in the advanced search panel
  • #422 Harvesters break when the change date of metadata makes fail the ISODate parsing
  • #425 Transfer ownership doesnít add the permissions for the new user/group properly
  • #455 Metadata share links in html5 UI are broken
  • #509 font-awesome woff files get changed by maven/installer
  • #532 html5ui: login when viewing a record does not change actions menu
  • #535 Harvesters consuming database connections
  • #538 The CSW harvester doesnít update the change date of the local metadata
  • #541 Changes in the scheduler of a harvester type affects all other harvester schedules of same type
  • #542 CSW harvester canít be saved with a search criteria defined
  • #543 CSW Harvester: only the first search criteria group is stored in the database



  • generalised the config scripts and resources dir
  • added python script to generate SISSVoc configs from properties file containing essential information for users to fill in
  • added sissvoc-package repo for packaging elda and sissvoc using scripts and docker



Release Details 4.3:
  • Metadata controller for variable maps
  • NCSS: allow grid subsetting by (single) vertical level
  • GribCollections: tdsTrigger role to allow tdm triggers

PID Service

  • JQuery library upgrade.
  • Improved merge functionality.
  • Implemented bundle_restore API method for restoration of partial condition sets.
  • Added support for external pidsvc.properties file. Improved retrieval of manifest file.
  • MAJOR: Implemented a new concept of condition sets - pre-packed sets of rules without a pattern/URI associated with it.
  • Added an option on the backup page to include condition sets into a backup.
  • Enabled basic auth HTTP header recognition.
  • UI usability improvements.
  • Code clean-ups.
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