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SISS v3.0 Release

SISS Release Package

Component Implementation Install Documents Software Repository Release Notes
Registry Services GeoNetwork Install Geonetwork GeoNetwork v2.10.1
GeoNetwork v2.10.1 with Rif cs
RifCS version control
RifCS version svn
Web (Feature/ Map) Services GeoServer Install GeoServer Geoserver 2.4.4  
Vocabulary Service Vocabulary Service Install SISSVoc SISSVoc v3.3  
Coverage Services Coverage Development Install THREDDS Thredds v4.2  
Persistent Identify Service PID Service Install PID Service PID Service v1.1.124  

SISS Windows Installer

This is a Windows only installation. It is meant for those who simply want to get started with SISS and have a relatively simple use case. You can download the installer from here.

The installer will install the following SISS components:

SISS Component Version Additional Notes
GeoNetwork 2.10.0 Modified config-gui.xml to use public web map service instead of the default local one.
GeoServer & App Schema 2.4.1 It is bundled with Application Schema and OpenGeo's Data Import plugins and sample data.
SISSVoc 3.3  
Thredds 4.2.10  
PID Service 1.1.110  
The MD5 sum for the installer (SISSsuite.v3.0.exe) is b4de7d4c0da9a824540d803a5ac801e4

SISS in a box

For a quick setup to play with, we provide SISS in a box (virtual machine) which can be launched using VMware Player. This release has been set up using SISS Tool v1.0 and tested using VMware Player 6.0.1. Once the virtual machine has finished loading up, its IP address will be displayed. To access the virtual machine, enter the following URL "http://<IP address>/index.html" into a web browser and this will bring you to SISS in a box home page which will provide all necessary login details and further information about SISS' virtual machine.

The SISS in a box (virtual machine) has the following SISS components pre-installed:

SISS Component Version Additional Notes
GeoNetwork 2.10.1 Modified config-gui.xml to use public web map service instead of the default local one.
GeoServer & App Schema 2.4.4 Taken from 25 January 2014 build. It is bundled with the following data store plugins: Application Schema, ArcSDE, MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server.
SISSVoc 3.3  
Thredds 4.2.10  
PID Service 1.1.124  
The MD5 sum for the SISS in a box VM (SISS_v3.0.zip) is 8d2a5f6c0a5b3f176548bc808c5020ab


This is a new tool that comes with SISS v3.0 release. It is a self-contained tool and a puppet module for installing SISS components and their dependencies on debian-based operating systems with minimal effort. Its target user is system admin and it is intended for use with newly provisioned server or virtual machine. For further information about the tool and its usage, please refer to SISS Tool documentation.
The MD5 sum for SISS Tool v1.0.1 (siss-tool-v1.0.1.zip) is e52715e27ae3a818b99ce9e13271952d

SISS Package Release Notes (Package Highlights)



PID Service

  • Various improvements to the UI
  • r123: Fix to "java.sql.SQLException: Already closed" exception.
  • r122: Added possibility to trigger tracing mode for individual rules via _pidsvctrace querystring parameter.
  • r121: Implemented URI case sensitivity global option.
  • r117: Added echo web method.
  • r112: Implemented URI_REGISTER variable that would return http://example.org:8080/id for http://example.org:8080/id/test
  • r111: Implemented support for XML-based backups.
  • r110: Implemented mapping merge support.
  • r102: Implemented support for non-binary XML-based backup file format.
  • r95: Implemented mapping 'clone' feature.
  • r93: Developed a mechanism in the PID Service that implements a rule inheritance mechanism.
  • r88: Implemented an option to include lookup maps into backup.
  • r85: Implemented comment and change notes for mapping updates.
  • r83: Implemented URI/Regex tester on the mapping page.
  • r73: Fixed URL encoding/decoding issues when URL contains spaces.
  • r72: Implemented HTTP_HEADER function.
  • r70: Implemented proper logging mechanism using log4j 2.
  • r68: Added support for complete lookup maps backup/restore.

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