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Vocabulary Service 3.0 Production Setup


This page describes the setup of our testing instance of the Spatial Information Services Stack Vocabulary Service (SISSVoc) v 3.0.It serves the following purposes:
  • Uploading/editing vocabularies on the Sesame triplestore for testing.
  • Testing new development versions of the Elda.
After passing the acceptance tests, vocabularies and new vocabulary service versions can be migrated to the production server.

Elda client http://services.auscope.org/sissvoc/
Sesame Workbench http://services.auscope.org/openrdf-workbench/
Sesame Server http://services.auscope.org/openrdf-sesame/

Server setup

Deploy Sesame Server and Workbench

We are using Sesame server 2.6.X from http://www.openrdf.org/ as backend for our Vocabulary Service. This is a guide to install Sesame.

Deploy Elda

Copy Sesame triplestore database

  • Log into services.auscope.org:
  • Create directory:
    • sudo mkdir /var/lib/tomcat6/data/openrdf-sesame/repositories
  • Copy across the datastore from testing
    • scp -r services.auscope.org:/var/lib/tomcat6/data/openrdf-sesame/repositories/ /var/lib/tomcat6/data/openrdf-sesame/repositories

Setup Tomcat and Apache

  • On services.auscope.org:
    • sudo chmod -R tomcat6.tomcat6 /var/lib/tomcat6/data/openrdf-sesame/repositories/
  • In /etc/default/tomcat6 added in JAVA_OPTS
    • -Dinfo.aduna.platform.appdata.basedir=/var/lib/tomcat6/data
  • In /etc/tomcat6/server.xmladd in two Connector tags:
    • attribute address=""
  • In /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default add in the VirtualHost section:
    • ProxyPass /openrdf-workbench ajp://localhost:8009/openrdf-workbench
      ProxyPassReverse /openrdf-workbench ajp://localhost:8009/openrdf-workbench
      ProxyPass /openrdf-sesame ajp://localhost:8009/openrdf-sesame
      ProxyPassReverse /openrdf-sesame ajp://localhost:8009/openrdf-sesame
    • <Location /openrdf-workbench>
          # LDAP Authentication stuff
    • # Regular expression to match everything that is a sub folder ignoring query string
      # More info - http://www.openrdf.org/doc/sesame2/system/ch08.html#d0e179
      <LocationMatch /openrdf-sesame/repositories/([^\?]*)+?/>
          # Authentication
          # Allow on HTTP GET
          <LimitExcept GET>
               require (user|group|ldap-user|ldap-group....)
  • Restart tomcat6
    • sudo service tomcat6 restart
  • Restart apache2
    • sudo service apache2 restart

Configure Vocabulary Service

  • Check the loaded config files
    • WEB-INF/web.xml
  • Check the actual files from web.xml on disk.
  • sudo service tomcat6 restart

Test the installation

Use the links above to test your installation.
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