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Vocabulary Service Implementation- old documentation


This page provides links to documentation associated with older versions of the SISSvoc service. For the current (version 3.0) service, see SISSvoc3Overview .


Web Service Design

Design Analysis

Web Service Architecture

Use Cases

Vocabulary Management Tools & Utilities

  • ProtegeConfigSKOS
  • ExcelToRdfTool - This tool has conversion rule sets to generate various SKOS/RDF/XML files from an Excel spreadsheet.
  • RDFtoExcelNEW - This is a web application that allows a user to upload a SKOS/RDF/XML document that is then transformed into an Excel document and can be downloaded by the user.
  • SESAMERepositoryManagement
  • SESAMERepositoryMigration
  • VocabManager - Sesame allows for the uploading of single vocabularies via the OpenRDF -Workbench which can be a time-consuming & tedious process. The vocabulary manager allows for the upload of multiple files into the Sesame store in one simple step.

Example vocabularies

Vocabulary Service Implementation

Developers Guide

Deployment Guide

Test Environment

Production Environment

Workflow and Testing

  1. Create SKOS/RDF files:
  2. Load files into triplestore:
  3. Access vocabularies through service:

Release Notes

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