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SISS Workshop NZ 22 November 2011


AuScope/CSIRO in conjunction with NIWA, LINZ, Landcare NZ and GNS, are running a one-day Introduction to the Spatial Information Services Stack in Wellington NZ on the 22 November 2011 to coincide with the SSSC 2011 Conference.

The Spatial Information Services Stack - an Australian Interoperable SDI

Venue details

9am-5pm, 22 Nov 2011


Greta Point

301 Evans Bay Parade

Wellington, NZ


The Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS) is a suite of tools for spatial data interoperability. SISS uses OGC standards, GML application schema, modelling tools, vocabulary support services and registries. AuScope is deploying the SISS in multiple Australian Government agencies and research organisations. AuScope has developed a Web portal to demonstrate the infrastructure, and to encourage the development of other third party client tools. As SISS is built on open source technologies others are encouraged to use the stack and assist in its development.

SISS builds on existing technologies including GeoServer, FullMoon and GeoNetwork. AuScope has made enhancements to support complex application schemas like GeoSciML and WaterML, and quality improvements to raise the quality of service level and ensure stack completeness. For example, the AuScope portal uses GeoNetwork to discover services, and the application schemas supported by GeoServer are developed and tested with FullMoon. SISS provides a complete solution to develop, establish and maintain OGC standards compliant infrastructures.The development of SISS was funded by NCRIS through the NeAT initiative.

Reference: NZ SDI Cookbook - http://www.geospatial.govt.nz/sdi-cookbook-home

Workshop goal

The goal of the workshop is to demonstate how communities can use SISS to provide transparent interoperable access to spatial data and knowledge about New Zealand and Australia

Workshop requirements

Please bring a laptop that has:
  • Wireless capability
  • Administrator Privileges
  • VMWare Player V3+ Installed (http://www.vmware.com/go/get-player)
  • Preferable: download "SISS-in-a-box" v2.1 (Virtual Machine Image) to your hard drive from - here - 3.7GB ZIP file.
    • Copies of the VM image will be available on removable media at the venue.
    • Instructions for deploying the "SISS-in-a-box" VM are here -> SISS in a box

Important note about deploying Virtual Machine

Due to the size of the VMPlayer and SISS-in-a-box files (120GB and 38GB respectively) we strongly recommed downloading and installing the VMPlayer and WM image prior to the workshop.

Program Outline

Full programme and registration form: Space is strictly limited so please get in quick!


  • 4.30PM Q&A (30 mins)
    • Open session - lead by Richard Murcott
  • 5.00PM Close


Ryan Fraser ( AuScope Grid/CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering)

Ryan Fraser is a Project Leader within CSIRO’s Minerals Down Under flagship. He leads several large projects dealing with the exchange and delivery of spatial information and eResearch tools. He manages projects that focus on enabling the delivery of data in an interoperable manner to various science domains. He has a software engineering background, has expertise in high performance data and computational technologies, and has primarily been involved in the design and execution of systems to deliver spatial information and the provision of data and computing services to the research community and industry. His project portfolio of AuScope Grid, Australian Spatial Research Data Commons and SISS Projects have been having business impact with over 30 government and research organisations both in Australia and internationally.

Pavel Golodoniuc ( AuScope Grid/CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering)

Pavel Golodoniuc is trained in Computer Science with an emphasis on system architectures and modelling. Since then he has been working on system design and implementation aspects of various innovative solutions for commercial, industrial and governmental sectors. One of his professional interests is in information management standards and systems for interoperable data exchange, which includes information modelling, visualization, discovery and data delivery service interfaces, and validation. He is collaborating closely with the OGC community to foster greater standards conformance. Since joining CSIRO in 2008, Pavel has been involved in the AuScope project and took an active role introducing the Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS) to the Australian geoscience community via close collaborative relationships with geological surveys of Australian states and territories. He provided an expert advice on Spatial Data Infrastructures and technical leadership in CSIRO / Geoscience Australia e-Research Collaboration Project.

Alistair Ritchie (Landcare Research New Zealand Ltd)

Alistair Ritchie trained as a geologist before specialising in spatial information systems. As a result he has a strong interest in the design, and subsequent application, of standards-based information architectures for the delivery data describing scientific observations, modelling and interpretations.

Until recently he was a Senior Information Geologist at GeoScience Victoria, an Australian state geological survey. Here he was part of a team that featured prominently in the multi-national collaboration that developed the GeoScience and Earth Resource Mark-up Languages. These apply the OGC service and information standards to the dissemination of geological data and implementing them has given him a great deal of practical experience with Web Feature and Map Services.

Alistair has worked closely with AuScope since the project’s inception, providing domain and technical advice to the developers of the Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS). He has also assisted AuScope in the promotion and implementation of SISS within Australian geological surveys and universities.

Joshua Vote ( AuScope Grid/CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Engineering)

Joshua Vote is trained in Computer Science and has been involved in developing a broad spectrum of applications for both government and commercial organisations.

His professional interests include user interface design, human computer interaction and generally making software accessible to as many people as possible.

Since joining CSIRO in 2009, Joshua has been involved with the AuScope Grid project and has taken an active role in developing the AuScope Portal and integrating it with the Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS). This has involved supporting various published standards over numerous components of the SISS and weaving them into a single consistent application.


-- RyanFraser - 12 Oct 2011
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