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SISS Workshop - 1 day Structure template


AuScope/CSIRO in conjunction with XXXX, are running a one-day Introduction to the Spatial Information Services Stack in XXXX on the XX XXXXX 2012.

The Spatial Information Services Stack - an Australian Interoperable SDI

Venue details



The Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS) is a suite of tools for spatial data interoperability. SISS uses OGC standards, GML application schema, modelling tools, vocabulary support services and registries. AuScope is deploying the SISS in multiple Australian Government agencies and research organisations. AuScope has developed a Web portal to demonstrate the infrastructure, and to encourage the development of other third party client tools. As SISS is built on open source technologies others are encouraged to use the stack and assist in its development.

SISS builds on existing technologies including GeoServer, FullMoon and GeoNetwork. AuScope has made enhancements to support complex application schemas like GeoSciML and WaterML, and quality improvements to raise the quality of service level and ensure stack completeness. For example, the AuScope portal uses GeoNetwork to discover services, and the application schemas supported by GeoServer are developed and tested with FullMoon. SISS provides a complete solution to develop, establish and maintain OGC standards compliant infrastructures.The development of SISS was funded by NCRIS through the NeAT initiative.

Workshop goal

The goal of the workshop is to demonstate how communities can use SISS to provide transparent interoperable access to spatial data and knowledge. This is an Overview and will give background into SISS and all the components of SISS

Workshop requirements


Program Outline

Full programme and registration form: xxxxxx

Space is strictly limited so please get in quick!


  • 9.15AM Workshop welcome (1.5 hrs)
    • Welcome/Introduction - TBA
    • Introduction to SISS - TBA - history and overview, Australian use case, architecture and package (45 mins)
    • Standards-based Interoperability - TBA - OGC standards and implementation (20 mins)
    • Local Context Presentation - TBA - (20 mins)
  • 10.45AM Break
  • 11.10AM Implementing SISS web services (50mins)
    • Overview of SISS services + SISS default Implementations/requirements - TBA (25 mins)
    • Use Case Example Implementation - TBA (25 mins)
  • 12PM Lunch
  • 12.45PM Application of SISS (2.25 hrs)
Includes details of: the component (what, how, why, when, where etc), demo of the component via a client (AuScope Portal and others) Demonstration of VGL or workflow engine, putting SISS to work
  • 4.00PM Q&A (30 mins) - Open session - lead by TBA
  • 5.00PM Close




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