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Spatial Information Services Stack Release Strategy

Guide to actually performing a SISS release can be found at SISSReleaseGuide


This document describes a proposed policy for organizing the software releases with the Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS) project. The overall SISS Project includes 7 components:
  1. Web Coverage Services - Thredds
  2. Modelling Tools - FullMoon/HollowWorld/SolidGround
  3. Registry - GeoNetwork
  4. Persistent Identifier Service - Uniform Resource Name (URN) Resolver
  5. Vocabulary Services - SISSVoc
  6. Web Feature Services (WFS) / Web Map Services (WMS) - GeoServer
  7. Governance
The proposed schedule proposes incremental releases for October 2010 (beta), March 2010 and June 2011. The procedure for planning releases and deployment of successive software releases is intended to ensure development remains focused on the highest priority issues and improve the process over subsequent releases.

Once the software release is made available to the application groups, general deployment of the release follows as specified in the SISS deployment plan [R1].

Project Overview

The SISS project (Figure 1.) is collaboration between multiple open source projects in various domains to provide a complete suite of tools that allow for spatial data interoperability including WFS, WMS, GML application schema development and registries in the Australian research community.


Figure 1- Spatial Information Services Stack

The AuScope Discovery Portal [2] provides a demonstration of the capability of SISS. The portal makes use of several SISS elements such as service registry, WFS[1], Vocabulary Service, URN Resolver & Community Schemas.

This section will outline the Software integration strategy to integrate the different SISS components together. A test model is also defined to support the software integration strategy.


  1. GeoNetwork – All services (WFS, WMS and WCS) are registered in GeoNetwork. GeoNetwork comes packaged with a Catalog Services for the Web (CS/W) that used to queries for services available. Services are added using auto-harvesting.
  2. GeoServer – A software server that allows users to share and edit geospatial data. GeoServer is the reference implementation of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Web Feature Service (WFS) and Web Map Service(WMS)
    • WFS: Allows querying and retrieval of geographical features across the web.
    • WMS: Provides maps of spatially referenced data dynamically from geographic information. The images are generally rendered in pictorial format such as PNG,GIF or JPEG
  3. Coverage Services – Coverage’s are objects (or images) in a geographical area whereas WMS return only an image which end-users cannot edit or spatially analyse.
  4. Vocabulary Services – Holds standardised vocabularies for NVCL scalars and alteration types for Mineral occurrences

Release Approach

The SISS Release Strategy provides an outline of activities necessary to ensure that the project’s product is available for use by its end-users as originally planned.

Release Strategy

To meet the real-world demands for deploying mission-critical software, apply the “release stage” process pattern shown in Figure 2 (modified from More Process Patterns, Cambridge University Press, 1999). Deploying the SISS services we will be considering three basic tasks:
  1. Preparing for the release
  2. Releasing the application to operations & support
  3. Releasing application to your user community

Please refer to the SISS Deployment Plan for further information on deploying the application.

Release Schedule

This is a high-level schedule for planned delivery of the releases and the significant milestones associated with transitioning each release through the life cycle to production.

2.2.1 Release Timeline for SISS – One Iteration before the Release
Item Date Completed Checked?
Small enhancements & bug fixes can continue in trunk --------- Yes/No
Set date for next release about a month into the future --------- Yes/No
Discuss with developers which features should be merged into release --------- Yes/No

2.2.2. Two weeks before the Release – Feature Freeze
Item Date Completed Checked?
Only bug fixes go into trunk from here forward, no new features --------- Yes/No
Complete merge of new features --------- Yes/No
Optional: create preview build and make available for bug reports --------- Yes/No
Call for document managers to update docs --------- Yes/No

2.2.3 One week before release – Branch & Call for Packaging
Item Date Completed Checked?
No bug fixes allowed in branch, only packaging related changes --------- Yes/No
Branch SVN ,call for packaging and record revision here: --------- Yes/No
Install & configure release in test server --------- Yes/No
Test the installation – Smoke Test? --------- Yes/No

2.2.4 Day of the Release
Item Date Completed Checked?
Prepare for migration to production (or production mirror) environment --------- Yes/No
Install release in the production (or production mirror) environment: --------- Yes/No
Update release migration documentation --------- Yes/No
Test installed Release – Smoke Test --------- Yes/No
Close off release branch --------- Yes/No
Tag the branch as the final release --------- Yes/No
Make tag & branch read ONLY --------- Yes/No
Note the svn revision number for tagged release here: --------- Yes/No
Upload released packages to download areas: --------- Yes/No
Release team makes announcements AND makes packages available --------- Yes/No

Release Impacts

Any deployments of SISS will potentially be affected by subsequent SISS releases. The relevant parties will be notified of the SISS release, and provided with the associated information to make an informed decision with regard to scheduling their own SISS deployment update.

Release Notifications

Announcing The Release

There will be a pre-notification email sent to the individual stakeholder and/or groups advising them of an impending release. This should be sent out a week before the release, providing the release date, user impact and timeframes.

Release Notification

Release Numbering

The SISS stack (as a package) will follow a simplified versioning mechanism:

    • SISS Beta
    • SISS v1
    • SISS v2 etc.

Release Checklist

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