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Spatial Information Services Stack - URN Resolver

Project Overview

In many cases data information models may use linking of nested or related features by reference instead of encoding them inline. Sometimes inline method of encoding may not be even applicable due to the risk of duplication of XML Schema IDs. URNs are unique identifiers, which might be used for assigning a particular name to a feature.

It is not required that a feature referenced by the URN is present in the same XML instance document. In this case it has to be resolved to the actual data available somewhere else. There're many different approaches and methods to resolve URNs into something useful. For the SISS projects we have agreed to use a common URN Resolver interface originally described on https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/twiki/bin/view/CGIModel/URIResolverInterfaceSpecification and then modified to meet requirements of AuScope and SISS projects.

Solution Overview

The proposed solution is composed of a single web application that implements the URN Resolution Service with two interfaces. Currently, it supports W3C SOAP and HTTP GET / REST interfaces. The latter one is built on top of SOAP interface and basically it only takes the input parameters and passes them into the web service.

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