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Vocabulary Maintenance and Management


After developing and deploying an instance of SISSVoc, the next issue is to maintain the service and underlying vocabulary. This page will describe the "SISS Recommended" tools and practices to help with the medium to long term maintenance . It will also describe the rationale or design philosophy around what maintenance capabilities SISSVoc will and will not provide.

Given that SISSVoc alone is unsuitable for vocabulary maintenance and management, please see SISSvoc30VocabularyDeployment for more information on the best practices around maintenance/management.

Vocabulary Services

The role of a vocabulary service in SISS is similar to other data services ( feature services, coverage services) in that it is a means for publishing information to a wider community. SISSvoc is designed to be a service for querying and traversing a vocabulary in a consistent and easy to use manner. It is not a service for editing and updating an existing vocabulary.

Vocabulary maintenance is tricky task, with various concerns including entry completeness, link integrity, and above all the versioning and maintenance policy of the vocabulary owner. A single interface that could accommodate all these requirements automatically would be complex. However, there are a number of tools for creating and maintaining a vocabulary already. The recommendation is to use these for maintenance, outside of SISSvoc, and keep the scope of SISSvoc as a service for publishing only. This is consistent with other deployed SISS data services. For example, Portrayal Services (WMS) do not provide a web interface to add data, and most WFS deployments are built on top of DBMS or GIS systems in which content is maintained through private interfaces, typically not even on the web.


As indicated in this diagram, SISSVoc plays no role in building or maintaining a vocabulary, only in making the final artifacts available via a web service API. This is analogous to the other SISS data services which are also only involved in data publishing and not the maintenance of the underlying data or models.


Recommended Tools and Documentation

While SISSVoc is ill suited for vocabulary maintenance, there are a number of tools around that are suited for this task such as Protege or TopBraid, some of which have web interfaces such as PoolParty and TopQuadrant 's Enterprise Vocabulary Net. When evaluating tools one of your main considerations should be whether you expect your vocabulary development to be a collaborative or authoritative endeavor. You should be able to find plenty of information from any leading internet search engine.

-- JoshVote - 10 Dec 2012
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