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External Requirements

  • Registry - Geonetwork 2.8.+ (tested with 2.10.1)
  • Database - MySql 5+
  • Data Subsetting Service - ERDap/NetCDFSubsetService
  • JClouds supported Cloud Instance
    • nova, EC2, are both usable.
  • Cloud Storage

Building the VL

All our software builds are maven based - with no private repositories or modules

The developer/builder will require Java 7+ and Maven 3+

Building from source

  1. Check out from the repository
  2. If you haven't already: change into the newly checked out directory and build the portal with mvn clean package
  3. The WAR will be available in a newly created target directory (in the root of the directory you just checked out)

The build is also configured to be Eclipse JEE compliant and has been tested on Eclipse Luna

Prebuild ones

We encourage people to have an externally available build-engine running and following the achievements in the code. Ours is located here: https://cgsrv8.arrc.csiro.au/jenkins/

Configuration steps

  1. Grab a Google Developers account, you will need it for a few things in the VL.
  2. Create a MySQL database the portal can connect to, and Install your DB connector so your java webapp container (jetty/tomcat) can use it
  3. Populate the database (Schema is in the source tree)
  4. Choose your trusted data providers (and get their catalogue endpoints)
  5. Populate the various configuration files
  6. Login to the webportal with your credentials and play!

Configuration Files (there are a few)

File Purpose Contents
applicationContext.xml Primary Config for Beans webapp assembly
config.properties Private Stuff! Contains instance specific google keys, disk staging locations, database connection
application_profile.xml Designed to allow prod/test overrides Wires the beans up for different configurations
env.properties Designed for usernames/passwords/other non version controlled things  
  Other Files you may come accross:
File Purpose Contents
vl-registries.xml Your trusted data providers endpoints for thier CSW interfaces
vl-known-layers.xml hand crafting data into 'special' functionality can blend data with additional VL functionality

VL Specifics

All specific information relating to your VL will be in its own guide.

For now assume that this is the right place to start for the generic recipie.
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