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Virtual Geophysics Laboratory: Term Plan


No. Milestone Title Deliverables/Completed Activity Sub-activity Goals Responsibility Dependency Target Milestone Date Comments
  QUARTER 1              
1 B1: Billing - Sub-contract signed       CSIRO   11 May 2012  
2 T1: Technical - v1 Release Limited Release of VGL v1 to NeCTAR community (on NCI Infrastructure)     CSIRO   30 Jul 2012  
      2.1 Implement "Model Library" Concept   CSIRO NIL    
        VM Hosting        
        Model Registry        
        Workflow Examples        
      2.2 Packaging VGL for Release   CSIRO 2.3    
        Rebranding of Code        
        User management solution Implemented (Authorisation)        
      2.3 VGL Sample Models updated Models & metadata updated (based on ANDS feedback) GA/CSIRO/ANDS      
      2.4 Technical validation GA to use VGL V1 for processing CSIRO/GA 2.2    
3 R1: Reporting - Q1 Report Q1 Report     CSIRO   30 Jul 2012 RF
  QUARTER 2              
4 B2: Billing - Project Initiation complete Communications plan prepared and sent to NeCTAR (Signed contract + two months).     CSIRO/NeCTAR & UQ/Monash/NCI   30 Aug 2012 RF
5 T2: Technical - Workshop Workshop to establish additional workflow scenarios     All relevant Stakeholders – CSIRO to report   30 Oct 2012 JV
6 T3: Technical - Script Builder Script Builder implemented to generalise computations         30 Oct 2012  
      Able to consume both models and "real" data   CSIRO/GA     JV
      Overflow stub implemented (choice - jobs on Cloud or HPC)   CSIRO     JV, TR
7 T4: Technical - Codes Installed Computational Codes installed on NCI and Cloud infrastructure         30 Oct 2012  
      Underworld Installed on Vayu and Cloud (@ NCI and NeCTAR)   Monash/NCI     TR
        Worked Example        
        Metadata Details        
      eScript Installed on Vayu and Cloud (@ NCI and NeCTAR)   UQ/NCI     TR
        Worked Example        
        Metadata Details        
      AuScope (AGOS) Geophysical Inversion codes Installed on Vayu and Cloud (@ NCI and NeCTAR)   ANU/NCI     TR
        Worked Example        
        Metadata Details        
      Overflow Architecture Cloud or HPC usage NCI/CSIRO     TR
      Overflow Implementation Implement how to run Cloud jobs on HPC NCI     TR
8 B3: Billing - v1.1 Release Release of v1.1 to NeCTAR community (NeCTAR Cloud)         30 Oct 2012  
      Evaluate Workflow engines   CSIRO Low priority (doesn’t impact delivery)   RG/
      Incorporate Underworld Example   CSIRO/Monash     JV
      Incorporate Underworld Metadata   CSIRO/Monash     JV/TR
      Rework Overflow Stubs (if necessary)   CSIRO     JV
      "Model Library" Integrated (Phase 1) Display model bounds in map; workflow integration CSIRO     JV
      New Data Online Migrate Models and "real data" to NCI and make available to VGL GA/NCI     RF
      Model Library Migrate from CSIRO to GA (or NCI) CSIRO/GA/NCI     JV
      Packaging VGL for Release   CSIRO     JV
      Technical validation GA to use VGL V1.1 for processing CSIRO/GA     RF
9 R2: Reporting - Q2 Report Q2 Report     CSIRO   30 Oct 2012 RF
  QUARTER 3              
10 T5: Technical - Codes in Workflow Additional codes added to workflow     CSIRO   30 Jan 2013  
      Technical validation CSIRO/GA to run Monash workflow example on Multiple resources CSIRO/GA/Monash      
      GA to run multiple workflows (UQ/GA/Monash/ANU) GA        
11 R3: Reporting – Q3 Report Q3 Report     CSIRO   30 Jan 2013  
  QUARTER 4              
12 T6: Technical – Wider Access Wider government and academic access implemented         28 Apr 2013  
      Improvements on AAA Multi Authentication module        
      Authz and Accounting   CSIRO      
      Implement Commercial hooks in Code Processing on both OpenStack and Amazon CSIRO      
  QUARTER 5              
13 B4: Billing – v1.2 Release Release of v1.2 to NeCTAR community (20%)         15 Jun 2013  
      Packaging VGL for Release v1.2   CSIRO      
      Technical validation GA to use VGL V1.2 for processing (multiple workflows/multiple resources) CSIRO/GA      
14 B5: Billing – Final Report Final Project Report     CSIRO   12 Jul 2013  
15 B6: Final Admin Closure Post-implementation Review (PIR) conducted and sent to NeCTAR. Practical Completion Certificate accepted by NeCTAR.   CSIRO/NeCTAR   12 Aug 2013  
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