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VGL Termination Script


Due to the lack of support for the AWS flag 'instance-initiated-shutdown-behavior' with open stack we are left with a problem of what to do with VM's after they have finished processing. We can shut them down but they will remain in an idle state. To workaround this limitation we have created a simple python script for polling for all 'shutdown' VM's and issuing a terminate request to them.


In Version Control - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AuScope/VEGL-Portal/master/vm/cleanup.py


The script is deployed at NSP geophysics 1 (production VGL) and run periodically with a CRON job. The results are pushed to http://vgl.csiro.au/vm-info/operations.log

For new deployments:
  1. Download the above script
  2. Replace the placeholder credentials (stored in file) with valid cloud credentials
  3. Setup a CRON job to execute the edited script at an appropriate interval (we currently check every 15 minutes).

JoshVote - 03 Oct 2012
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