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VGL Abstract for eResearch Australia 2013

Status: Submitted

Title: Virtual Geophysics Laboratory: Enabling a scientific marketplace
Authors: Ryan Fraser, Terry Rankine, Josh Vote, Rob Woodcock

Limit - 300 words

The Virtual Geophysics Laboratory (VGL) provides a flexible, web based environment where researchers can browse data and use a variety of scientific software packaged into tool kits that run in the Cloud. Both data and tool kits are published by multiple researchers and registered with the VGL infrastructure forming a data and application marketplace. The VGL provides the basic work flow of Discovery and Access to the disparate data sources and a Library for tool kits and scripting to drive the scientific codes. Computation is then performed on the NeCTAR Cloud. Provenance information is collected throughout the work flow and can be published alongside the results allowing for experiment comparison and sharing with other researchers.

VGL's "mix and match" approach to data, computational resources and scientific codes, enables a dynamic approach to scientific collaboration. VGL allows scientists to publish their specific contribution, be it data, code, compute or work flow, knowing the VGL framework will provide other components needed for a complete application. Other scientists can choose the pieces that suit them best to assemble an experiment. The coarse grain workflow of the VGL framework combined with the flexibility of the scripting library and computational toolkits allows for significant customisation and sharing amongst the community.

The VGL utilises the cloud computational and storage resources from NeCTAR and a large variety of data accessible from AuScope’s community via the Spatial Information Services Stack (SISS).

Acknowledgements: VGL was developed by CSIRO in collaboration with AuScope, Geoscience Australia, National Computational Infrastructure, Australia National University, Monash University and University of Queensland, and has been supported by the Australian Government's Education Investment Funds through NeCTAR

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