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APRIL   Workpackage 1   Revised Delivery Date  
    Contract Negotiation and Legal NeCTAR /CSIRO   DONE
    Setup VM Infrastructure on CSIRO, NCI and NECTAR CSIRO (FT, TR)   DONE, details of infrastructure are located - VhirlServerListing
    Setup domain www.vhirl.net CSIRO (TR)   DONE
    Logo Design VHIRL CSIRO (RF)   DONE
    Branch VGL trunk and setup VHIRL repo CSIRO (FT)   DONE - https://svn.auscope.org/subversion/AuScopePortal/VEGL-Portal/branches/VHIRL-Portal/
    Deploy VHIRL branded VGL (no data, 1 cloud instance escript) CSIRO (FT/TR)   DONE
    Design of data services at NCI CSIRO/NCI/GA   DONE
    First hazard data collection at NCI GA/NCI   DONE
    VHIRL design for NCI Cloud and interface for HPC packages,- remote submission NCI/CSIRO   DONE
    VHIRL Steering Comm Meeting     DONE
15/05/2014 Billing Milestone 1: Contract Fully exe NeCTAR    
    Data services setup @ NCI for Hazard Data (Part 1) NCI/GA/CSIRO   DONE
    Setup ANUGA VM on NeCTAR cloud CSIRO   DONE
    Workflow 1 & 2 - Incorporate ANUGA & TCRM example into VHIRL script builder CSIRO (ANU and UQ assist)   DONE (details of workflow at - VGLV0_1Release)
    Alert stakeholders for testing in June (give 2 weeks notice + 2 weeks to test)     DONE
    Test design of the VHIRL on the NCI CSIRO/NCI   DONE
    Testing of Workflow 1 with GA/ANU/UQ stakeholder GA/ANU/UQ   DONE
    Make VHIRL v1 ready for Production CSIRO    
1/06/2014 Technical Milestone 2: Rebrand VGL for VHIRL NeCTAR /GA   DONE
1/06/2014 Billing Milestone 3: VHIRL v0.1 beta release Nectar  



30/06/2014 Technical Milestone 4: Inclusion of 1st scientific code within VHIRL GA/NCI   DONE
30/06/2014 Technical Milestone 5: Dataset Ingested into VHIRL GA/NCI   DONE
    Data services setup @ NCI for Hazard Data (Part 2) NCI/GA   PENDING
    Workflow 1 & 2 - Incorporate additional ANUGA & TCRM examples into VHIRL script builder CSIRO   DONE
    Remote submission to Raijin from NCI Cloud NCI (CSIRO to integrate with VHIRL)   WON'T DO - looking into alternatives with NCI
    Testing of v1 Release Candidate GA/CSIRO   DONE
    Prepare v1 for Release CSIRO   DONE
    Release v1 CSIRO  



30/08/2014 Billing Milestone 6: VHIRL v1 Release NeCTAR    
AUGUST/SEPTEMBER   Workpackage 2      
    Support OAuth in VHIRL CSIRO   DONE
    NetCDF Subsetting Service CSIRO   DONE
    Workflow 3 - support for 3rd workflow (using additional code or different configuration) CSIRO/GA   DONE
    SCM: Inclusion of NeCTAR / Openstack Heat to support auto provisioning of Scientific codes in the Cloud CSIRO   DONE
    SCM: Support Scientific Code snippet contributions CSIRO   DONE
    Testing of v2 release candidate   5/11/14 DONE
    Prepare VHlRL v2 for release   12/11/14 DONE
    Release VHlRL v2   17/11/14 https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/VirtualLabs/Vhirl/VGLV2_0Release
30/9/2014 Technical Milestone 7: Scientific code marketplace NeCTAR /GA/CSIRO/NCI 17/11/14 DONE
30/09/2015 Billing Milestone 8: VHIRL v2 Release ( Workpackage 2 ) NeCTAR 17/11/14 DONE
OCTOBER   Workpackage 3      
    Inclusion of Provenance Service within VHIRL CSIRO   DONE
    Inclusion of authorisation Services CSIRO/Nectar   CAN NOT BE DONE (as no service exists)
    Inclusion of NCI Parallel processing capability CSIRO/NCI   Pending
    Enhanced Visualisation for ANUGA workflow     Pending
    Testing of VHIRL v3 Release Candidate CSIRO/GA/NCI    
    Prepare VHlRL v3 for release CSIRO    
    Release VHlRL v3 CSIRO    
1/12/2014 Technical Milestone 9: Parallel Processing/and or 3rd workflow NCI    
1/12/2014 Technical Milestone 10: Enhanced Vis Support CSIRO    
30/12/2014 Billing Milestone 11: VHIRL v3 Release (Workpackage 3) NeCTAR    

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