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VHIRL v0.1 (beta)

<<17 June 2014 Update - v0.1 has been released at - http://auscope-portal-dev.arrc.csiro.au/VHIRL-Portal/gmap.html)>>;

VHIRL v0.1 is primiarly to setup the VL and demonstrate how to quickly repurpose existing infrastructure (VGL). It will focus on demonstrating 1 workflow relevant to the natural hazards research community

The VHIRL beta release will include the following:

1) Re-badging of the existing VGL into VHIRL
2) setup of relevant infrastructure to support the VHIRL use case (includes all Virtual Machine infrastructure, SE tools, domain name, build systems, wikis, jira etc)

3) Workflow 1 implemented which will include - VhirlANUGATutorial:
  • inclusion of at least 1 dataset to support an inundation event somewhere on the coast of Australia - in this example - Busselton in Western Australia
  • dataset should be able to be visualised on the VHIRL mapping portal
  • dataset should be able to be subsetted via service infrastructure (Thredds) and "shipped" to computational nodes for processing by computational code (ANUGA)
  • ANUGA computational code to be configured and deployed on both NCI and NeCTAR clouds and able to process jobs in a single process mode
  • results should be stored on short-term storage on the NeCTAR cloud
  • provenance workflow to support the capturing of results and workflow information, service will also support copying results to sustainable storage

Tentative Release date 15 June 2014

-- RyanFraser - 28 May 2014
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