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VirtualLabs Web Preferences Appearance * Set BROADCASTMESSAGE = "Seegrid will be due for a migration to confluence on the 1st of August. Any update on or after ...
The Problem A 'quota' was issued to a group for 'Maximum usage' it is expressed in cores. A project or group can have up to xxx cores on the cloud provider. The ...
This is the generic Virtual Lab documentation It is where all the base virtual lab or core VL details are stored * BaseVLArchitecture * BaseVLDevelopersGuide ...
External Requirements * Registry Geonetwork 2.8. (tested with 2.10.1) * Database MySql 5 * Data Subsetting Service ERDap/NetCDFSubsetService * ...
Main.TerryRankine 08 Sep 2014
OAuth2 Any OAuth2 provider can be wired up with the base portal infrastructure, we picked Google as many phone owners now have a google account (and I didnt like the ...
Google Guide Analytics To register your site for analytics see this guide: https://www.google.com/analytics/web/ Once you have a key for your server/domain, place ...
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