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Base schema and common components

Geography Markup Language

XMML is a "GML Application Language". As such, it depends on the components defined in Geography Markup Language. GML v3.0 is an Open GIS Consortium implementation specification. GML is currently undergoing standardisation through ISO: the current "ISO committee draft" is GML v3.1, which was also issued publicly as an OGC Recommendation Paper 26th March 2004.

The GML schemas available here - XmmlCVS:gml/base - are version 3.1. The XMML schemas are based on these, and follow the rules defined in Clause 23 and Annex B of GML 3.1.

Base components

A set of base components, mostly simpleContent types and elements, are defined in XmmlSchemaRepository:trunk/XMML/base.xsd. For more details, see BaseComponents.

Geometry components

A set of components for describing geometry, are defined in the GML geometry schemas (see XmmlSchemaRepository:trunk/gml/base) and in XmmlSchemaRepository:trunk/XMML/geometry.xsd. For more details, see GeometryComponents.

Basic feature components

A set of base feature-types for XMML are defined in XmmlSchemaRepository:trunk/XMML/feature.xsd. These are adapted from the basic GML components gml:AbstractFeatureType, gml:_Feature, gml:FeatureCollection, etc, but are preferred as the basis for more specific feature types in the context of XMML. For more details, see XmmlFeature.

Geometry-based feature-types

In order provide patterns for - or bases for derivation for - feature types having a single geometry property a set of feature types are defined in XmmlSchemaRepository:trunk/XMML/points.xsd, XmmlSchemaRepository:trunk/XMML/curves.xsd, XmmlSchemaRepository:trunk/XMML/surfaces.xsd, XmmlSchemaRepository:trunk/XMML/solids.xsd. The general scope of these types follow the dimensional hierarchy described in GeometryComponents. These feature-types also provide some backward compatibility for translation from legacy systems that are not based on the FeatureModel, but are based instead on attributed geometry. For more details, see GeometryBasedFeatures.

Common feature-types

A set of commonly required Features are defined in XmmlSchemaRepository:trunk/XMML/commonFeatures.xsd. These include things like Project, Specimen, Station, Tenement, Event. For more details see CommonFeatures.
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