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Common Feature types for XMML


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Model and document structure

A set of commonly required Objects are defined in XmmlCVS:XMML/commonFeatures.xsd. These include things like Project, Tenement.


From XmmlSchemaRepository:trunk/XMML/commonFeatures.xsd.




A generic Project is modelled as an extension (specialisation) of BaseComponents#Event[Event]], having
  • a purpose
  • an operator
  • a sponsor

More specific project types may be defined by adding additional properties, or by constraining the type or cardinality of the standard properties.


From XmmlSchemaRepository:trunk/XMML/commonFeatures.xsd.




A LicenseArea is a tract over which the holder has certain rights, assigned by the grantor. The preliminary version has the following properties:
  • a identifier giving the code or number assigned to the tenement by the granting agency
  • a licenseType designation, indicating the basic type such as mineral-exploration, oil-exploration, mining, oil-production
  • a licenseStatus indicator
  • various dates associated with the tenement
  • an adminstrator being the Party (normally a statutory agency) that has conferred the rights on the holder
  • an externalLink to a web address giving more information
  • a timeStamp for the document

Reflecting the fact that during the history of a lease area with a single identity, various properties are dynamic, based on the GML AbstractTimeSlice. This allows indication of a property with a value for the specified time only.

These include:
  • a shape being the survey of the tenement boundary, and its area
  • an owner being the Party holding the designated rights over the Tenement
  • an interest being the Party with some interest or exercising the designated rights over the Tenement on behalf of the owner

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