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Geological Boundaries


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A set of geological boundary features, based on surface features (see GeometryBasedFeatures), are defined in the schema document

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Model and Document Structure

Geological Boundaries


Model from XmmlSchemaRepository:trunk/XMML/boundaries.xsd
boundary.png fault.png


Feature types for 3-D geological boundaries are provided. The basic content model used for xmml:Boundary extends xmml:SurfacedFeatureType (see GeometryBasedFeatures) with
  • a set of unitBounded properties, each pointing to a stratigraphic unit for which this feature provides part of its boundary; note that the property element carries an XML attribute orientation which records whether the oriented surface bounds the unit to the positive or negative direction.

A set of typed boundaries are based on this model:
  • xmml:Fault, xmml:IntrusiveContact, xmml:StratigraphicContact, xmml:Unconformity represent more specific geological boundary types
  • xmml:ModelDomainBoundary is used to describe the boundary of a region (typically rectangular) used for a numerical modelling instance.

Currently all of these feature types share the same content model as the generic xmml:Boundary. It is expected that the models will have additional properties added in future versions.

Note that since the shape property follows the standard GmlProperty pattern, its value can be stored remotely, perhaps as part of another feature, and used by reference as the value of the shape of the boundary feature. This capability allows the user to ensure the integrity and consistency of model topology, where several features may share the same geometry.

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