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Procedures and Instruments


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Many features, in particular involving ObservationsAndMeasurements and Sampling, have associated procedures. This includes related concepts including instruments, calculations and survey procedures.

SensorML provides a syntax for functional models of sensors described as process chains. It is expected that this will be used for detailed descriptions of observation procedures. The following discussion provides a lightweight model, that may be used pending finalization of SensorML

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Example Instances



Model for procedure types and instances


Procedure Type

The content model of om:ProcedureType follows gml:Definition.

ProcedureType is the abstract head of a substitution group for various specialised procedures.

Procedure Sequence

A Procedure Sequence is an ordered set of Procedure Types

Procedure Package

A Procedure Package is composed of a set of elementary Procedure Types

Observation Procedure

om:ObservationProcedure extends om:ProcedureType with:
  • method whose value indicates the nature of the procedure.
  • quality - to record the systematic quality or errors associated with this procedure.

The method property is effectively a "soft-typing" parameter for procedures. More details about the procedure can be given in the gml:description, or via an xmml:reference in the metaDataProperty block - see BaseComponents#Event.

Procedure Event

A Procedure Event is a time-bounded application of a procedure. This is useful in order to
  1. distinguish specific instances of the application of a procedure, in order to track the common or divergent histories of related objects
  2. bind a set of event-specific parameters with a procedure, such as instrumental settings

om:ProcedureEvent extends om:Event with
  • a set of typed parameters (property-value pairs)
  • a source and product


The Union class Procedure is provided in order to accommodate situations where either
  • a generic procedure type, or *a specific parameterized use of a procedure may apply


Procedure Specializations


The xmml:CalculationProcedure object is a specialised observation procedure in which
  • the description property is used to describe a calculation procedure.

xmml:CalculationProcedure is substitutable for xmml:Procedure, so may occur in any position in an instance where xmml:Procedure is indicated.


The xmml:Instrument object is a specialised observation procedure in which
  • a serialNumber property is available to record the identifier for the actual instrument used

xmml:Instrument is substitutable for xmml:Procedure, so may occur in any position in an instance where xmml:Procedure is indicated.

Survey Procedure

The xmml:SurveyProcedure is a specialised observation procedure in which
  • the method must be a positionMethod - whose value is taken from xmml:positionMethodType defined in XmmlCVS:XMML/LUTgeodesy.xsd
and then adds the following additional (optional) properties concerning the positioning quality
  • positionAccuracy - whose value is a gml:MeasureType from XmmlCVS:gml/base/basicTypes.xsd (see BaseComponents)
  • elevationMethod - whose value is taken from xmml:elevationMethodType defined in XmmlCVS:XMML/LUTgeodesy
  • elevationAccuracy - whose value is a measure from XmmlCVS:gml/base/basicTypes.xsd (see BaseComponents)
Three more properties concern the reference system used in positioning:
  • projection - whose value is taken from xmml:projections defined in XmmlCVS:XMML/LUTgeodesy.xsd
  • geodeticDatum - whose value is taken from xmml:gDatums defined in XmmlCVS:XMML/LUTgeodesy.xsd
  • elevationDatum - whose value is taken from xmml:vDatums defined in XmmlCVS:XMML/LUTgeodesy.xsd
but note that the latter properties are strictly redundant since this information should be included in the definition of the Spatial Reference System indicated using the srsName attribute on all geometry components. Finally a survey procedure has an (optional) associated
  • operator property, indicating the party responsible for performing the survey.

xmml:SurveyProcedure is substitutable for xmml:Procedure, so may occur in any position in an instance where xmml:Procedure is indicated.

Assay Procedure

See GeochemistryMeasurement
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