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XMML components status

Topic Collaborators Status Schemas Documentation Comments
Geography Markup Language version 3.1 Open GIS Consortium, Galdos Inc., US Census, BAE Systems, International Instruments, etc OGC Recommendation Paper http://schemas.opengis.net/gml/ 03-105r1 ISO 19136 Committee Draft
Geography Markup Language version 3.0 Open GIS Consortium, Galdos Inc., US Census, BAE Systems, International Instruments, etc OGC Implementation Specification http://schemas.opengis.net/gml/ 02-023r4 ~ 600 pages
Observations and Measurements Open GIS Consortium OGC Recommendation - 03-022r3 Upgraded model implemented in XMML
Mineral deposits GA, GSC Version 1.0 XmmlCVS:XMML/mineralOccurence.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/LUTmineral.xsd EarthResourceML Schema model corresponding to Geoscience Australia unified mineral-occurence database - see http://www.ga.gov.au/databases/
General point observations - Version 1.0 XmmlCVS:XMML/observation.xsd   Needs more examples and specific guidelines
General geophysics point samples GGIPAC, ASEG 2004-06-30 -   Should be based on generalisation of gravity.xsd, with input from GDF-2.
Gravity GGIPAC/GA Version 1.0 XmmlCVS:XMML/gravity.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/LUTgravity.xsd GravityMeasurement Representation of GA gravity database entries - see http://www.ga.gov.au/databases/. Also see WFS service delivering this data
Geophysics flight-lines, time-series, logs BGS, GGIPAC, ASEG 2004-06-30 -   Not started - waiting on GML for temporal-complexes/sequences.
Assay reports & geochemistry samples Metech, ALS Chemex, WMC, Placer, Newmont, GGIPAC, BGS Version 2.0.1 XmmlCVS:XMML/adx.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/adxSpecimen.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/adxProcedures.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/adxBase.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/adxAnalysis.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/LUTgeochemistry.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/LUTsampling.xsd AdxReport Adaptation of O&M model; accommodates requirements of Newmont Standard Lab Electronic Data Format.
Assay request WMC, Metech, Placer 2004-06-30 XmmlCVS:XMML/geochemistry.xsd GeochemistryRequest Deferred while reporting finalised
Lithology WMC, Snowdens 2004-06-30 XmmlCVS:XMML/material.xsd MaterialDescription Approximate implementation of NORTON material model
Drillholes/ Boreholes/ Wells Fractal Technologies, BGS, GGIPAC Version 1.0 XmmlCVS:XMML/borehole.xsd BoreHole Simple encoding with logs based on (1-D) coverage (map) model.
Structural geology - units, surfaces, events BGS, Fractal Technologies, pmd*CRC Version 1.0 XmmlCVS:XMML/geometry.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/points.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/curves.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/surfaces.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/solids.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/boundaries.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/mapFeatures.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/sloppyTopology.xsd   Attributed geometry objects, boundaries, units, geological events and histories. Compact-form geometry elements used.
Reserve estimation - block models Fractal technologies 2004-06-30 XmmlCVS:XMML/geometry.xsd   Geometry specialisation for hexahedra, tetrahedra, etc. developed
Simulation models CSIRO, pmd*CRC Version 1.0 XmmlCVS:XMML/FEM.xsd XmmlCVS:XMML/coverage.xsd   Encoding for FEM/FD model descriptions, based on recursive use of coverage/map model.
Geological Time Scales CHRONOS, GA Version 1.0 XmmlCVS:XMML/temporal.xsd XmmlCVS:GSML/geoTime.xsd GeologicTime Definition of ordinal time systems for geology, including links to sources
Textual information BGS 2003-12-31 - - Controlled vocabularies, linking text to data sources

For description of future work see FollowUp.

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