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Sloppy Topology


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Draft documentation for the sloppy topology Schema.

SloppyTopology is intended for quite a different purpose to the MappedFeatures discussion and is related to CSIRO Computational Geoscience group's work on Earth process numerical modelling. The modelling requires the creation of a set of hypothesis (scenarios) involving a family of (3D) geological architectures. The family of architectures is created using parameterised geometry, rock properties, chemical properties, boundary conditions, etc. An example of this would be, say, creating a family of intersecting fault models by parameterising the intersection angle between the two faults. A family of architectures can then be created by varying that angle between 10 and 50 degrees in 2 degree increments.

The parameterisation of each geometric structure alone is not sufficient to ensure the geology makes sense on its own. SloppyTopology thus uses the concept of geologic events and "rules of structural geology" to ensure faults, overburdens, erosions, etc are all handled correctly when the parameterisation changes. CSIRO Computational Geoscience use all of this information and rules along with computational geometry libraries to create solid models suitable for mesh generation and then numerical modelling (at least that is the theory at this stage!).

-- RobertWoodcock

Schema documents

A set of feature types to describe features found on maps are defined in the document:

-- MarcusSen - 04 May 2004
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