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Statutory Reporting

The most original pieces of the GGIPAC statutory reporting templates are the "header files" which primarily contain metadata about the data capture.

In the geospatial community there are a number of more standardised models for metadata, with the ISO 19115 model (see factsheet) providing something that might be described as an internally consistent superset. Almost all existing metadata standards (e.g. FGDC, ANZLIC) are now undergoing a process of re-factoring so that the information is expressed as a "profile" of ISO 19115. Note also that a more recent ISO/TC 211 project, 19139 (see factsheet), is developing a generic profile of 19115 that is intended to be suitable for direct implementation in XML.

It may be appropriate to consider if the information in GGIPAC header files should be recast as a profile of ISO 19115 or 19139.

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-- SimonCox - 17 Mar 2004

Dept. of Primary Industries, Victoria comments

Department of Primary Industries, Victoria is examining the storage of XML in databases - this would involve something like storage of metadata as structured data and data as BLOBs. Developing schema for statutory reporting makes industry reports an ideal candidate for this treatment.

Australian exploration reporting requirements include provision of certain metadata and effective description of the data content or file content. For data content, the guidelines are intentionally loose about the naming of attributes in the data.

Aspects of the statutory report metadata and data may overlap with other schema or schema elements (projection, tenement, borehole). Are agencies going to require the added rigour which conformance to such schema may demand? Or are they going to preserve the current flexibility?

If the latter is chosen, the schema for statutory reporting ought to enable effective management of synonyms to deal with the loose naming conventions for the data attributes (e.g. ROC = ROCK = LITH). Organisations may wish additionally to maintain synonyms for attribute values, though they may view this as a maintenance nightmare. (Richard Batson)

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